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October 05, 2011
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Islam, Judaism - Tolerance Could Lead to Democracy, Peace
US scholars find paradoxical role for religion in Middle East debate, peace process
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France to Build Islamic Center in Paris
Maryland Mosque Invites Jewish Neighbors for Iftar
France to Build Islamic Center in Paris
Plan comes as new law takes effect this month, banning France's estimated 5 million Muslims from praying on streets
Reinterpreting Islam
Best-selling author and self-described Muslim reformer, Irshad Manji says Muslim mind has stagnated
American Muslim Moves People From Fear to Friendship
Prompted by the 9/11 attacks, Samina Sundas founded American Muslim Voice
Indonesian Police Link Church, Mosque Bombings
Authorities await results of DNA test on remains of bomber suspected of being involved in church attack Sunday as well as mosque bombing
Dalai Lama to Decide on Reincarnation at Age 90
Tibetan spiritual leader says China should have no say in whether or not he is reincarnated
Experts Say Strong Muslim Communities Help Prevent Radicalization
One researcher notes Muslim communities themselves have been largest source of initial information leading to arrest of terrorists
Pope Highlights Bond With Muslims
Pope stressed the importance of religion in modern society and said he believes there can be a 'fruitful collaboration'
Pope Warns German Lawmakers Not to Abuse Power
In a speech to German parliament, the pope said Germans know from experience what happens when power is corrupted
New University Desegregates Religious Education
California graduate school is made up of Christian, Muslim and Jewish institutions
State Department Releases Annual Report on Religious Freedom
Iran is singled out as among the world's worst offenders
Cuban Pastor Denies Church Lock-In is Political Protest
Son of pastor tells reporters worshipers who locked themselves into church three weeks ago are following God's instructions to pray
Indonesia's Ahmadiyah Sect Fears Religious Violence
Ahmadiyah community in Jakarta says religious freedom laws are not sparing them from persecution
US Federal Court Considers Lawsuit Against Oklahoma Sharia Ban
Legal scholars say case could affect similar moves in more than 20 other states
Pope Sued for Alleged Crimes Against Humanity
US-based human rights group says it's filing suit through ICC on behalf of Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests
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