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September 26, 2011
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Science and Technology
Photo: NASA
NASA Unsure Exactly Where Defunct Satellite Landed
Officials don't know when or where pieces of Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite fell but estimate they are at bottom of Pacific Ocean
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Vague Predictions as Satellite Falls to Earth
US Satellite to Reenter Atmosphere Friday
Plummeting US Satellite to Hit Earth Friday
Scientists: Particle Broke Cosmic Speed Limit
International group of researchers says sub-atomic particle moved faster than the speed of light
Little Likelihood of Being Struck by Space Debris Friday. . .But it Has Happened
Space agency says there is a one in 3,200 chance that one of 7 billion people on the planet will be struck by the falling satellite
Vague Predictions as Satellite Falls to Earth
Experts say it is hard to determine just when or where it will reenter the atmosphere.
US Satellite to Reenter Atmosphere Friday
Bus-sized satellite UARS expected to arrive 'sometime during the afternoon' EDT, 5 continents, several oceans as possible strike zones
Plummeting US Satellite to Hit Earth Friday
UARS satellite likely to reenter atmosphere on September 23, 2011; crash likely between 57 degrees north latitude, 57 degrees south
Undersea Cable Could Revolutionize Oceanography
Experts say Ocean observatory will be transformative
Study: Fast-paced TV Cartoons Reduce Kids' Learning
Speed and unrealistic situations affect preschoolers
Scientists Discover 1 Planet Orbiting 2 Stars
Discovery is the first time a so-called circumbinary system has been detected
NASA Unveils Next-Generation Rocket
New, Space Launch System or SLS to take astronauts beyond low-Earth orbit to Moon, to asteroids and, one day, to Mars
Earliest Known Human Hand-Ax Found in Kenya
Appears to be 1.75 million years old
Scientists Discover Potentially Habitable Alien Planet
Alien world is one of a record bounty of 50 exoplanets reported recently by European planet-hunters
New Species Might be Human Ancestor
Fossils show primitive and modern traits
Sidestepping Newspapers, Comics Go Online
Artists earn income from online ads, merchandise sales
Geography Meets Social Media on ‘Geosocial’ Sites
Global positioning technology tracks friends as well as directions
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