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September 24, 2011
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Special Reports
Special Reports: World and Regional News
Drought Strikes the Horn of Africa
International community mobilizes to help millions in need of emergency aid
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Horn of Africa Leaders Address Security Concerns at Drought Summit
Famine Continues to Spread in Southern Somalia
Special Reports: World and Regional News
South Sudan in Focus
South Sudan works to build a new nation after independence
Special Reports: World and Regional News
The Risks of Power: Nuclear Energy
25 years after Chernobyl, a nuclear crisis confronts Japan. We examine the pros and cons of our nuclear world.
Special Reports: World and Regional News
Conflict for Reform, Freedoms in Middle East, North Africa
In-depth coverage of political crisis in the region
Special Reports: Lifestyle
Royal Wedding: William & Kate
Prince William married Catherine Middleton on April 29, 2011 at Westminster Abbey
Special Reports: Politics
Peace Corps 50th Anniversary
As the Peace Corps celebrates its 50th anniversary, VOA takes a look at the US government agency and its global impact
Special Reports: World and Regional News
Earthquake in Japan
The latest news on the aftermath of Japan's earthquake and tsunami, and information on how to help
Special Reports: World and Regional News
Haiti Earthquake Anniversary
In this series of reports, VOA revisits earthquake-ravaged Haiti to see where things now stand and how the survivors are coping.
Special Reports: Economy and Finance
European Immigration
As immigration-related tensions rise across Europe, many analysts point to the economic crisis as the cause of lurch to political right
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European Immigration
Special Reports: Entertainment
The Academy Awards 2011
Hollywood's A-listers hit the red carpet for the year's most revered awards ceremony, The Oscars
Special Reports: Entertainment
Grammy Awards 2011
The music industry honors its best
Special Reports: Politics
2010: Year in Review
This is a list of some of the top news events around the world in 2010
Special Reports: Health and Medicine
A Healthy Start: On the Front Lines of Maternal and Infant Care in Africa
Stories from the mothers, leaders and communities who are fighting to improve maternal and infant health in Africa
American Profiles
American Profile
More profiles of Americans who are making a positive difference
Special Reports: World and Regional News
Cries for Reforms in Oman
Protests began in January, with demands for more jobs, higher salaries, democratic reforms in Gulf state
Special Reports: World and Regional News
Protests in Saudi Arabia
Defying government, religious bans on protests, demonstrators rally around variety of causes
Special Reports: World and Regional News
Eye on Lebanon
Compilation of key historical events, our coverage of the current political crisis in Lebanon
Special Reports: World and Regional News
Jordan's Monarchy Has its Troubles
Protests in a relatively open political environment, largely triggered by high food, fuel prices
Special Reports: World and Regional News
Syrian Unrest
Experts are concerned about repercussion of protests - whether successful or not - within this tightly-ruled and critical country
Special Reports: World and Regional News
Protests in Other Countries of the Region
Political discontent spreads to Iran, Iraq, UAE, Morocco
Special Reports: World and Regional News
Demonstrations in Yemen
Thousands of protesters call for President Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down
Special Reports: World and Regional News
Libya's Revolution
Protests are echos of those in Egypt and Tunisia that ended with leaders stepping down
Special Reports: Lifestyle
Making a Difference
Stories about people working to help make the world a better place
Special Reports: World and Regional News
Upheaval in Egypt
After 18 days of protests, Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, who ruled the country for 30 years, steps down
Special Reports: Politics
Midterm Elections 2010
Americans voted in midterm elections November 2. Find out the results and how the outcome could affect US foreign policy
Special Reports: Politics
Ivory Coast Presidential Election
Ivory Coast's incumbent president Laurent Gbagbo refuses to step down as world backs rival Alassane Ouattara
Special Reports: Politics
Egypt’s Parliamentary Elections
Is the will of the people being heard in this round of voting? Find out in our special coverage by VOA reporters in Egypt and elsewhere
Special Reports: Natural Disasters
Pakistan Flood: How to Help
Millions of Pakistanis have been affected by the flooding that began in August. Find out how you can help the disaster victims.
Special Reports: Politics
Obama's Asia Trip
President Barack Obama heads to Asia November 5 for a 10-day trip aimed at expanding and improving economic and security ties
Special Reports: Health and Medicine
XVIII International AIDS Conference
'Rights Here, Right Now' was the theme of the conference, which took place in Vienna, Austria, July 18-23
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Money In Motion
New: Watch Philip Alexiou's report on how the EU is responding to the Greek debt crisis.

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