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Sunday, 25 September 2011
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Photo: AP
Soldiers and civilians use sticks to cut the opium poppies in a jungle field in Shan State, northeast of Burma (File)
Burma Failing Its Obligations To Curb Drug Trafficking
Southeast Asian nation may face sanctions for its non-compliance.
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Religious Freedom Worsens In China
Special Envoy To Engage Burma
Building Civil Society In Burma
Double Talk And Repression In Iran
Iran's government has been actively helping Bashar al-Assad's regime to crack down on peaceful protestors.
Border Violence Bodes Ill In Sudan
U.S. remains concerned about the fighting, bombings and humanitarian crisis.
Latin American Youth Ambassadors Help Build Ties
Twenty Haitian high school students and two teachers recently came to the U.S. to learn better how to respond to disasters.
Religious Freedom Worsens In China
China's government has "engaged in or tolerated particularly severe violations of religious freedom."
Innovating In Afghanistan
Three USAID grants aim to help create a mobile banking system that all Afghans could use.
Empowering Women Globally
Empowering women globally is one of the surest ways to create favorable outcomes in economic growth.
Religious Freedom Repudiated In Iran
Once again, the government of Iran is ranked as one of the worst violators of religious freedom.
U.S. - Romania Sign Ballistic Missile Defense Agreement
System will help protect NATO Allies and contribute to the security of the United States.
Justice For Kampala Bombing Victims
As a friend and partner to Uganda, the United States supports Uganda's effort to bring to justice those responsible for the bombings.
U.S. Religious Freedom Report
"The protection of religious freedom is a fundamental concern of the United States going back to the earliest days of our republic."
Concern For Migrants And Refugees In Libya
The United States is deeply concerned about the well-being of migrants and refugees in Libya.
Counterterrorism Today
Ten years after September 11th, the world is at a moment of historic change and opportunity.
Russia - Moving The Reset Forward
The policy has been successful, leading to a much improved climate of relations, and concrete achievements such as the New Start Treaty.
U.S. Condemns Killing Of Syrian Rights Activist
The United States condemns in the strongest terms the killing of Syrian human rights activist Ghiyath Mattar.
Political Reform Still Lacking In Zimbabwe
While reforms have been made, the political and electoral changes needed to conduct elections have not occurred.
60th Anniversary Of ANZUS Treaty
On September 1st, we celebrated the 60th anniversary of the ANZUS Treaty, which remains a keystone of our relationship with Australia.
Continued Non-Compliance From Iran
Latest IAEA report again highlights Iran's failure to comply with its international nuclear obligations.
U.S. Engagement In The Pacific
The United States sent a strong delegation to the Pacific Islands Forum in Auckland, New Zealand.
Targeting Al-Qaida's Remaining Leadership
From time to time, the United States identifies certain individuals as crucial to the operation of terrorist organizations.
U.S. Goals and Priorities At The UN
U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Esther Brimmer recently gave an address to the Institute of Peace.
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Inter-American Democratic Charter At Ten
Economic Hardship Affects HIV/AIDS Funding
Progress In Afghanistan
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