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22 Dec 2007 - 09 Jun 2021
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POMED works to accomplish its mission through three programs.
First, we foster dialogue on political reform and democracy between and among Americans and Middle Easterners. This includes but is not limited to:
Second, we provide accurate and thorough research and analysis to legislators, policymakers and democratic development practitioners. This includes:
Third, we advocate for a consistent and credible pro-democracy foreign policy towards the Middle East by supporting a coalition of actors and organizations who share POMED’s principles:
POMED Events: 
In the past year, POMED has continued its successful series of panel discussions in Washington DC on American policy toward political reform in the Middle East. More details and event summaries can be found on our events page.
POMED Conferences
POMED recently worked with Americans for Informed Democracy (AID) to hold a series of three “Bringing the World Home” conferences in Jordan, Egypt, and Morocco. Click here for more information.
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