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09 Feb 2009 - 31 Jan 2011
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We are grateful to members of the advisory group for providing their ongoing support for free.
Dr Bella Mody
Dr Mody is James de Castro Professor in Global Media Studies, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Colorado. She has a PhD in Psychology from Gujarat University and her specialisations are Message Design, Intercultural Communications and Development Communications.
Dr Mody has worked with the World Bank, the World Health Organisation's Global Programme on AIDS, the Commonwealth Foundation and the United Nations Children's Fund, and her most recent publications include: International and Development Communication: A 21st Century Perspective (2003) and Handbook of Intercultural and International Communication, W Gudykunst and B Mody, eds. (2001)
Dr Jatinder Pal Singh
Dr Singh is Associate Professor, Communication, Culture & Technology Programme, Georgetown University. He has a PhD in Political Economy and Public Policy from the University of Southern California and specialises in Information Communication Technology.
Dr Singh is a member of the American Political Science Association, and is a former President of the International Studies Association. His publications include: Leapfrogging Development?: The Political Economy of Telecommunications Restructuring (1999); Information Technologies and Global Politics: The Changing Scope of Power and Governance. Co-edited with James N. Rosenau (2002); and Negotiating the Global Information Economy (2006.)
Dr Sandra Ball-Rokeach
Dr Ball-Rokeach is a Professor of Communication in the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California. She is also a Principal Investigator with The Southern California Injury Prevention Research Center, located in the School of Public Health at the University of California at Los Angeles. Dr Ball-Rokeach has a Doctorate in Sociology from the University of Washington and her specialisations are Community Media, Campaign Design, Media Intervention, and Media Effects.
Dr Ball-Rokeach has served as a Rockerfeller Fellow and Fulbright Fellow, and her publications include Violence and The Media with R. K. Baker (1969);Theories of Mass Communication with M. L. DeFleur (1981); and The Great American Values Test: Influencing Behavior and Belief Through Television with M. Rokeach and J. W. Grube (1984)
Dr Sheila T Murphy
Dr Murphy is Associate Professor at the Annenberg School for Communication and Department of Psychology, University of Southern California. She has a PhD from the University of Michigan, and her specialisations are Attitude Measurement, Decision-Making and Persuasion.
Dr Murphy's publications include: The Fuzzy Logic Advisor: A paradigm for social judgments., Mendel, J., Martin, M., Murphy, S. T., Miller, L. C. & Karnik, N. (1996); Lesbians and Gays in the Newsroom, Aarons, R. & Murphy, S. T. (2000); and Developing a Research Agenda for Entertainment Education and Multicultural Audiences, Murphy, S. T. & Cody, M. J. (2003).
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