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09 Feb 2009 - 08 Oct 2011
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Research and learning around the world
The BBC World Service Trust has recruited and trained an international team of research professionals from Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the United Kingdom to form the Research and Learning Group.

Who's who
The Research & Learning Group is led by Kavita Abraham, Director, Research : read biography
The Head office team is based in London: more
National research teams are based in:
Enhancing skills, building capacity and sharing knowledge
The Research & Learning Group is committed to building the capacity of its global team.
By identifying individual and collective opportunities for training in qualitative and quantitative research methodology, we have built a network of skilled audience researchers around the world.
Members of the Research & Learning Group participate in face-to-face knowledge sharing workshops, as well as on-going distance learning and mentoring.
Through these efforts, the BBC World Service Trust contributes to the development of research sectors in the countries where it operates.
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Head office team, based in London
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