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Art at its most glam tonight 30 September at Macy’s Artrageous fundraiser
Macy's latest Artrageous concert and fashion show in LA sets a high mark for fun and fund-raising (see photo gallery), as tonight’s San Francisco event is set to kick off 30 September  
Macy's glam and fashion show 30 September is Artrageous fun for a cause
Milan Fashion Week finale: quintessential designers, Cavalli, Armani, capped off with fresh talents
Of course, all of the big names strutted their newest designs for 2012 at the weighty Milan Fashion Week, but it was capped off with some fresh talents, including Turkish designer, Erkan Coruh

Miss Egypt didn't make shortlist: Miss Angola crowned Miss Universe 2011 in Brazil
'This time for Africa,' with Ukraine coming in second, Miss Angola takes the first Miss Universe crown for her country

Photo Gallery: Miss Egypt before she competes for Miss Universe title on 12 September
Egypt takes on the Miss Universe Pageant with the roll-out of online and real-time voting system that will play out during the live broadcasting from Sao Paolo Brazil on 12 September

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Fashion expert wraps-up the trends for this frail fall season
Patti Carpenter reviewed what’s coming down the runway and analysed home decor demands this season to boil down autumn’s colours and textures for the moda-savvy audience at the Darb 1718 cultural centre

Fashion changes too fast these days: Pierre Cardin
Today's fashion designers change styles much too fast, partly due to twice-yearly collections, making it harder to create couture that lasts for years, designer Pierre Cardin said

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