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20 Jul 2010 - 02 Dec 2021
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Nathalie Applewhite
Managing Director
Contact Nathalie: napplewhite[AT]pulitzercenter.org
Nathalie joined the Pulitzer Center in 2006, shortly after its founding, and has played a key role in the development of the Center's model and approach towards journalism initiatives and educational outreach. As managing director, Nathalie supports the executive director with overall strategic development and management of the Center, staff, reporting projects, and educational outreach. She was the managing producer on their interactive narrative projects: Heroes of HIV and the Emmy award-winning LiveHopeLove. Nathalie has also overseen video production for the Center, as well as the design and development of their award-winning website.
Before joining the Center, Nathalie worked nationally and internationally on documentaries, educational, political and commercial productions as a producer, director, and editor. She also worked as a consultant for the Executive Office of the Secretary General at the United Nations and as a project manager and media specialist for the University of Pennsylvania’s Literacy Research Center where she produced educational media, including video and interactive web resources, for both national and international programs.
Nathalie's film Picture Me an Enemy (2002), about two young women from the former Yugoslavia, was screened nationally and internationally in film festivals and universities. The film was nominated for a regional Emmy award, and won the Best Documentary Award in the Philadelphia Film Festival's Festival of Independents. She was awarded a Leeway Harmony grant for this work in honor of projects that promote racial, ethnic, and religious tolerance.
While pursuing her Master’s degree from the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) at Columbia University, she concentrated in International Security Policy with a regional concentration in the Middle East. She focused on the intersections of media, democracy, and nationalism, and in the role of media in war and its potential in conflict prevention, resolution and peace-building. She co-founded and directed the Media and Communications in War and Peace student group and was selected (as the only student) to serve as a delegate on the Center for International Conflict Resolution's US-Syria Citizen’s Exchange program. Nathalie received a BA in Visual Anthropology from Temple University, as the first undergraduate in the program, after an eclectic run of international programs and cultural studies in NY, France, Latin America, and Japan.
Nathalie has run dozens of workshops on multi-media production for journalists, and made presentations at universities, high schools, and conferences on war and representation, the role of media in conflict, global reporting at a crossroads, and the intersection of new and traditional news media.
Acceptance Speech for the Goldman Sachs Prize for Excellence in International Education

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