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Global Gateway
Global Gateway inspires students to become active consumers and producers of news and information
Our educational program, Global Gateway, provides students with fresh information on global issues, helps them think critically about the creation and dissemination of news, and inspires them to become active consumers and producers of information.
September 23, 2011
Elmhurst College Becomes First Chicago-Area Campus Consortium Partner
by Aria Curtis
Elmhurst College and the Pulitzer Center embark on a partnership to promote new approaches in international journalism.
July 22, 2011
Global Education Initiative Sparks Global-Local Connections
by Kate McGinnis
Walter Payton College Prep students in Chicago explore the local implications of global issues presented by the Pulitzer Center through short documentaries.
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Gateways contain multiple Pulitzer Center reporting projects that focus on a single issue
Population is a global issue that lies at the intersection of economics, environment, gender roles, culture, politics, and religion.  The Population Gateway will explore this controversial, confusing...
The initial shock of the earthquake has passed but Haiti continues its struggle to overcome both man-made and natural disasters. Amidst the rubble, a devastated infrastructure and untold suffering,...
The Downstream Gateway examines global issues related to water, from ecosystems and watersheds to freshwater resources, conservation efforts, and the impact of human activity and public policy.
Lesson plans
These lesson plans offer educators ideas for incorporating the Global Gateway program in their curriculum
Lesson plans
Pre-visit exercise: Andre Lambertson
by Mark Schulte
An exercise for St. Louis students in advance of journalist Andre Lambertson's visit.
Lesson plans
Pre-visit exercise: Anna Badkhen
by Mark Schulte
An exercise for St. Louis students in advance of journalist Anna Badkhen's visit.
Lesson plans
Lesson Plan: The Edge of Joy: Combating Maternal Mortality in Nigeria
by Kate Seche, Kate McGinnis
This lesson accompanies Dawn Shapiro's documentary, The Edge of Joy, exploring the maternal mortality crisis in Nigeria.
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Filter Pulitzer Center reporting by subject area
Afghanistan: From the Ground Up
by Anna Badkhen
Anna Badkhen talks about her time spent among the people of Afghanistan on American Public Media's The Story .
Modern Day Conflicts
As Ugandan Nomads Adapt to Drought, Less Dependence on Food Aid
by Max Delany
After a decade of Ugandan military operations to disarm rival clans, the country's Karamoja region has become more secure. Now development experts hope it can become self-sufficient.
Health, Freshwater Resources, Role of Water in Natural and Human-Made Environments
Los Ninis: Mexico's Lost Generation
by Susana Seijas, Dominic Bracco II
Ciudad Juarez, across the border from El Paso, Texas, has become the murder capital of the world. Most vulnerable are Los Ninis, young men and women who earned their name from “ni estudian,...
Immigration, The Political and Social Conditions of Developing Nations, Modern Day Conflicts
Meet the Journalists
Get to know a Pulitzer Center reporter
September 22, 2011
Meet Fred de Sam Lazaro
Fred de Sam Lazaro explains the source of declining birth rate in Brazil and how it could enhance women’s role in the society—a topic of his project “Brazil: Girl Power.”
June 16, 2011
Meet Isaac Stone Fish
Isaac Stone Fish talks about his reporting for the project, North Korea’s Addicting Export: Crystal Meth, from Yanji, China.
March 25, 2011
Meet David Rochkind
David Rochkind, a Pulitzer Center grantee, is a photojournalist who for the past three years has been working on projects focused on tuberculosis.
Student reporting
These short student-produced reports, created in partnership with Pulitzer Center journalists, examine local implications of pressing international issues
January 14, 2011
New York City's Water Maintenance
New York City spends millions a year to maintain some of the highest quality tap water in the world–without filtering. Yet, some reports indicate this trend may be coming to an end.
January 14, 2011
Why spend money on water when it can be free?
What is bottled water? Where does it come from? And why do so many people pay for it when you can get it for free?
January 14, 2011
Water Infrastructure in New York City
Over the next 20 years, New York will pour millions of dollars into upgrading its water infrastructure. Our student reporters explain the importance of this upgrade.
Student Voices
International students share personal experiences related to Pulitzer Center stories
Student Voices
Meet Students From Bangladesh
by Jon Sawyer
Students at solar-powered school boats along the Atrai River in northwestern Bangladesh talk about their studies, ambitions and daily life in an area marked by monsoons, water and sanitation challe
Student Voices
Meet Students from Congo
by Nathalie Applewhite
In this video you will meet young Congolese students from the Magengo Institute in Goma (Eastern Congo). Watch and learn about their daily lives.
Student Voices
Meet Nepali Kamlaris
by Nathalie Applewhite
In this video you will meet former indentured servants from Nepal.
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