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14 Mar 2008 - 20 Jan 2012
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Special Programs for First-Year Students - Georgetown College
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Special Programs for First-Year Students
Two seminar options
Ignatius Seminars
Liberal Arts Seminar

Georgetown College offers a range of exciting options for first-year students. In addition to the courses you will select from various departments, our faculty offer two first-year seminars. Each of these College seminars is designed to enhance learning and to build academic community from the start of your study at Georgetown.

In these small seminar classes, you will explore fascinating subjects: Europe’s encounter with the new world, the evolution of Egyptian identity, and how race and color have shaped global cultures, among others. Some of the programs allow you to complete a number of your general education requirements through the integrated study of four or five disciplines. Other seminars give you the opportunity to engage with outstanding faculty and your fellow students as you investigate ideas and expand your understanding of the world around you.

The first-year options appeal to different interests and learning styles​—​the choice is yours.
Associate Professor of History Brian McCann is one of four faculty members teaching the Liberal Arts Seminar.
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