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Ancient Egypt
Ain Shams reveals a part of its history
26th Dynasty tomb discovered by workers digging residential house foundations in Ain Shams
Resignation of Egypt's head of antiquities declined
The Egyptian Cabinet has declined the resignation of Supreme Council of Antiquities Secretary General Mohamed Abdel Fatah while the latter vows not to return until gaining full authority
Head of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities confirms his resignation
Mohamed Abdel Fatah explains his decision in an exclusive interview with Ahram Online
Australia to return stolen artefacts to Egypt
Greco-Roman artefacts recovered from Melbourne storehouses to return home
UNESCO to help Egypt restore its World Heritage sites
After a meeting on Monday, the UN agency pledged to support restorations in Memphis' Necropolis and help introduce training courses for curators of the new National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation
An Egyptian antiquities' smuggling ring falls into police net
Tourism and Antiquities Police capture an antiquities' theft gang red handed while trying to sell their stolen goods
Nefertiti: How deceit won a beautiful woman
Can a 1924 document charging German archaeologist Ludwig Borchardt with cheating to secure the Nefertiti bust for Germany guarantee its return to Egypt?
Excavation works resumed in Egypt
Foreign archaeological missions resumed excavation and restoration today, while more foreign missions apply to begin new works
New antiquities head, new plan, protestors satisfied
The newly appointed secretary general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities says he will meet protestors’ demands, promises reform  
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Fresh graduates promised employment at Supreme Council of Antiquities
SCA secretary general placates fresh graduates who had been protesting outside archaeological sites demanding jobs

Renewed protests hit Egyptian Museum
Temporary employees picket the museum's main entrance in a drive to ensure the antiquities council's promise of permanent contracts is finally met

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An initiative towards ending Egypt's archaeologists' protests
After the delivery of Abdel Fatah's resignation as secretary general of Egypt's antiquities council, he meets with the prime minister, who takes steps to resolve budget problems amidst archaeologists' protests

The Avenue of Sphinxes is to be inaugurated in October
The avenue, built in the 30th Dynasty, has been somewhat neglected, but will be open to visitors later this year

The fate of Tutankhamun's touring exhibition
Will 2012 mark the end of Tutankhamun's international tour?

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