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Pink Ribbon Month: A simple action plan against breast cancer for every woman
With October named world breast cancer month, Ahram Online joins the voices over a disease that increasingly hits younger women, but is increasingly stopped in it's track due to early detection  
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Women who exercise a lot hit menopause earlier
Women who spend a lot of time exercising or eat a heart-healthy diet appear to reach menopause earlier, a new Japanese study shows

Taking dietary supplements? It may be too much
Dietary supplements not only meet the gap, they also boost the intake of nutrients from the food eaten - but supplement-takers may be overdosing on a good thing

Lice in schools: Tackling the problem in time
As we go on dealing with issues of children's health at the start of the school year, why not shed more light on one of the least talked about but most frequently encountered problems: the lice taboo

Food for thought: can fish lower your stroke risk?
People who eat fish a few times each week are slightly less likely to suffer a stroke than those who only eat a little or none at all

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Boost your child's immunity at the start of the school year
Back-to-school hubbub also means there will be hubbub in the paediatrician's clinic. Ahram Online discusses with an expert ways to invest in our little ones' immunity

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'Authentic Surprise' restaurant series: Indian cuisine
For authentic Indian/Kashmiri cuisine, try Nawab in Zamalek

Egypt's sushi obsession: History and health implications
Ahram Online looks at the Japanese delicacy's brief sojourn in Egypt and allays local fears about eating raw fish

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Nuts and beans about coffee: an intro to Arabica vs Robusta and international species
With cafés booming and world-class coffees at our fingertips, in this article a coffee lover breaks down the various types of coffees for Ahram Online

Milan Fashion Week shines 2012 styles despite the world's muted economic outlook
Milan’s Fashion Week, which concludes 27 September, is currently raging the runways; here are some pictures of the event and a look at what's up next

Dubai Fashion Week schedule includes Egyptian designer sashaying down the runway
Malak El-Ezzawy will present her show during the five-day Dubai Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week finale: quintessential designers, Cavalli, Armani, capped off with fresh talents
Of course, all of the big names strutted their newest designs for 2012 at the weighty Milan Fashion Week, but it was capped off with some fresh talents, including Turkish designer, Erkan Coruh

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