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Forget political fashions, start formulating programmes
Ibrahim El-Houdaiby

Mediocrity takes lessons from others, while the real work of securing the revolution is to think out a programme for the Egyptian people

The spirit of Palestine
Mona Anis

PA President Mahmoud Abbas’s dramatic bid for Palestinian statehood at the UN signaled the final death of the so-called ‘peace process’

Academic tourists sight-seeing the Arab Spring
Mona Abaza

While the Arab Spring has enhanced global interest in the Arab world, local academics have often been reduced to service providers for Western "experts" who jet in and jet out

In pursuit of a revolutionary elite
Ibrahim El-Houdaiby

Blocked from everything but oblique criticism for decades, Egypt's current political elite is incapable of formulating a practical agenda for moving the country forward, hence the impasse

Following the Turkish model or forging our own?
Hassan Abou Taleb

As the Turkish experience of democratisation and Islamist party rule becomes more and more influential, what lessons does this model have for post-revolutionary Egypt

Less is more
Gareth Jenkins

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s first official visit to the new Egypt provides further proof that sometimes it really does pay to wait, but Turkey will gain more by reining in its ambitions

Egypt and Turkey: future horizons
Mustafa El-Labbad

The visit by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Egypt is an opportunity to put relations between the two countries on new foundations

A new page for old relations
Dina Ezzat

Egypt and Turkey now have a strategic partnership, says Egypt’s ambassador to Turkey


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