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09 Feb 2011 - 23 Feb 2021
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Coast and Sea
Coastal Forecast
A 24 hour weather forecast for 24 UK coastal areas.
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Tide Tables
UK tidal predictions for today and the next 6 days, supplied by the UK Hydrographic Office.
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Inshore Waters Forecast
Strong wind warnings in 14 areas.
Strong winds across northeastern areas will continue to ease as high pressure builds in from the southwest. However, Atlantic weather fronts will bring rain and strengthening winds to many northern areas later on Thursday and during Friday.
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Shipping Forecast
Gale warnings in 5 areas.
The general synopsis at 1800
High just west of Sole 1033 expected north Biscay 1029 by 1800 Thursday
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Extended Forecast
The Extended Outlook aims to signpost expected hazards for the Cullercoats, Niton and Portpatrick areas for the three days beyond the 24 hour Shipping Forecast.
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High Seas
No storm warnings.
The general synopsis at 2011-10-20T08:00:00
At 190000UTC, low 68 north 08 east 968 expected 72 north 16 east 966 by 20000UTC. New low expected 64 north 34 west 993 by same time. Low 47 north 21 west 1024 losing its identity by that time. at 190000UTC, high 53 north 23 west 1028 expected 47 north 13 west 1033 by 200000UTC. High 42 north 28 west 1031, slow moving, intensifying 1033 by same time. High 74 north 31 west 1021 expected 72 north 20 west 1013 by that time
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