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Interactive TV
The news multiscreen as it appears on your television
Do you want to get an update on the weather when you want?
Well, you can - and you can choose whether you do so in video or text by using the BBC Red Button service on your digital television.
Whether you have Sky TV or Virgin Media, you can catch up with the the latest weather video, maps and warnings often using the same page numbers as the current Ceefax service.
To receive these services, simply press the RED button on your handset.
Easy to use
On the right side of the screen, a coloured menu will appear. It will look slightly different depending on which channel or digital service you are using.
The Red Button service for weather can be accessed by pressing 400 or navigating the menu.
Watching Weather on the Red Button
Weather screen on interactive TV
The latest Weather video bulletins are shown on a continual loop on Digital Satellite as part of the Digital Text Services offered on the interactive platform. Simply press the red button and go to video forecast.

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