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Frequently asked questions - BBC Online
How do I set bbc.co.uk as my browser's Homepage?
I live outside the UK. Why can't I watch the video on the homepage of the BBC website?
Why am I told I have 'insufficient bandwidth' when using the BBC iPlayer?
How do I enable cookies?
Where can I find information about Radioplayer?
I am visiting bbc.co.uk from outside of the UK, why can’t I see all of the UK content on the homepage?
What is BBC iPlayer Desktop?
I'm a UK licence fee payer currently overseas. How do I access BBC video and audio content?
Can I reuse or reproduce images from BBC Online?
I am a UK user located in the UK. Why am I seeing advertising on the BBC website?
On BBC iPlayer, what's 'Download for portable devices'?
I've made a change on the bbc.co.uk homepage, but every time I come back to the page it's gone back to how it was before. How can I make sure my changes to settings are saved?
Can I have permission to reproduce material from BBC News webpages?
How do I report a mistake, broken link or technical fault on the BBC website?
How do I check if cookies are enabled after I have reopened my browser?
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