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60 Minutes
They’re called “super sniffers,” “super tasters” or “flavorists.” They are the scientists that make what you eat and drink taste so good.

This Sunday on 60 Minutes, Morley Safer gets a look inside the factories where flavors are extracted, mimicked, mixed and made mouthwatering – a process that some critics say leads to a dependence on less-than-healthy foods. Preview “The Flavorists:” http://bit.ly/rNoday
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Jenita Arnautovic, Donna Cheshire Anthony, Fernando Magalhães Maga and 65 others like this.
Jillonne Stitt Kaufman I COMPLETELY blame them for it LOL
3 hours ago
Gabe Endthedrugwar Rivera They're called fucking Nazi scientists, and they need to be put in jail.
2 hours ago
60 Minutes
Eight months ago, Scott Pelley reported on the unthinkable: a county in central Florida hit so hard by the recession that families were losing their homes and moving into tiny rooms in cheap highway motels.

This Sunday on 60 Minutes, Scott returns to Seminole County and finds that things have gotten worse. Many families have run out of money and, with shelters full, some have moved into their cars – a difficult and even dangerous choice.

And what about their kids? How is their spirit? On this day of Thanksgiving, we think you’ll be impressed and moved by the stoicism and hope of the children Scott met.

Preview: http://bit.ly/ry5zIe
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60 Minutes added 6 new photos to the album "60 Pix:" Taylor Swift.
Like · Comment · Wednesday at 1:50pm ·
Gerald Ledbetter, Thomas Beatty, EmmaJean Anderson McAllister and 58 others like this.
RoseMary Guillen It's amazing to see a young lady have such a Positive Influence on so many teenagers!!! I hope Taylor continues to walk the straight line of good morals and values in her career and life style!!!
21 hours ago
Luke Bailey http://www.youtube.com/​watch?v=jl9ZMLNe_7Q
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18 hours ago
60 Minutes
Angelina Jolie has acted in more than 30 films, but she says the best work experience she's ever had was directing "In the Land of Blood and Honey." The film, Jolie's directorial debut, tells the story of a Muslim woman who falls in love with a Serb during the Bosnian war.

This Sunday on 60 Minutes, Jolie explains to Bob Simon what it was like to be behind the camera for the first time: http://bit.ly/sgQ2Aw
Like · Comment · Wednesday at 8:37am ·
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60 Minutes
In his 40-plus years as a 60 Minutes correspondent, Morley Safer has rarely been flustered in an interview – neither dictators nor druglords can shake his confidence.

And then, in March 1979, Morley interviewed the Muppets’ Miss Piggy for his piece “Backstage at the Muppets,” and suddenly he was not the commanding correspondent we’ve come to know. Watch it here: http://bit.ly/sdtpqU
Like · Comment · Tuesday at 2:09pm ·
Gerald Ledbetter, Roozbeh Asefi, Joe Koontz and 126 others like this.
Mary Byerly Link won't open
Wednesday at 3:36am · 2
Annette James-Faltot Adorable. Wow, what memories. Morley looked so young and Henson gone too soon.
Wednesday at 11:29am · 1
60 Minutes
Sunday on 60 Minutes, International Monetary Fund head Christine Lagarde told Lara Logan that the U.S. and other nations should support the debt-ridden countries of Europe.

Not doing so, Lagarde says, will result in negative consequences for the global economy – including our own.

What’s your reaction to her statement? http://bit.ly/uDjela
Christine Lagarde: Facing down worldwide recession - 60 Minutes - CBS News
‎60 Minutes on CBS News: Christine Lagarde: Facing down worldwide recession - Thrust into the breach during one of the worst economic crises in decades, Christine Lagarde, the new head of the International Monetary Fund, has become one of the world's most powerful women. Lara Logan reports.
Like · Comment · Tuesday at 5:13am ·
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60 Minutes
If the Congressional supercommittee announces today that it has failed to reach a deal to cut $1.2 trillion from the budget deficit over ten years, some lawmakers will credit or blame anti-tax lobbyist Grover Norquist, whom Steve Kroft profiled last night on 60 Minutes.

Norquist has gotten more than 270 members of Congress to pledge never to vote to raise taxes, including all the Republican membe...
See More
The Pledge: Grover Norquist's hold on the GOP - 60 Minutes - CBS News
‎60 Minutes on CBS News: The Pledge: Grover Norquist's hold on the GOP - Steve Kroft takes a look at Grover Norquist, the man many blame for holding up the deficit-reduction process because of the anti-tax pledges he has obtained from nearly all the Republican politicians in Washington.
Like · Comment · November 21 at 11:03am ·
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60 Minutes
Tonight on 60 Minutes, Taylor Swift explained just how seriously she takes her status as a role model to millions of teenage girls: “It would be really easy to say ‘I'm 21 now. I do what I want. You raise your kids.’ But…every singer out there with songs on the radio is raising the next generation.”

Swift, since her debut five years ago, has stayed in the spotlight without a single public misstep – a welcome deviation from the all-too-familiar story of early success gone wrong.

Do you think popular entertainers have a responsibility to be role models to their young fans? http://bit.ly/vxEt1c
Taylor Swift: A young singer's meteoric rise - 60 Minutes - CBS News
‎60 Minutes on CBS News: Taylor Swift: A young singer's meteoric rise - She writes and sings all her own songs, sells millions of records and she's just 21 years old. Lesley Stahl profiles music sensation Taylor Swift.
Like · Comment · November 20 at 6:59pm ·
Dulcie Tremani, Michelle Evans, Prakash Srinivasulu and 332 others like this.
60 Minutes
It's a big weekend for the global economy. While Christine Lagarde of the IMF is facing down worldwide recession, Grover Norquist's no-tax hold on the GOP is helping deadlock the Congressional supercommittee's efforts to reduce the U.S. deficit. Both will be on 60 Minutes tonight at 7 p.m. ET/PT, along with multi-platinum artist Taylor Swift.
Like · Comment · November 20 at 10:39am ·
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60 Minutes
‎60 Pix is a 60 Minutes photo album project. We invite you to email us your snapshots -- images that you've taken -- that are relevant to our recent stories for a “60 Pix” Facebook album.

For example, this Sunday, Lesley Stahl profiles Taylor Swift. Have you ever been to a Taylor Swift concert?

Email your concert images to 60MSocial@cbsnews.com -- along with your name (for a photo credit) and a short description -- and we’ll include a selection of them in our photo album. All submissions are subject to CBS's Terms of Use, which can be viewed before submission at http://bit.ly/pIPhf4.
Like · Comment · November 19 at 4:07pm ·
Michelle Evans, Kelly Brenna Anne Mahoney, Annette James-Faltot and 71 others like this.
Brenda Johnson I love Taylor Swift, Her music is fun ,always tells a story & doesen't hurt anyone if you don't like it Or her, turn it off !!!!!!
November 20 at 5:44pm · 4
Kinman Cheng as for the OWS, apparently not all of the OWS are poor, at least the leader get to stay in a $700 a night hotel
19 hours ago
60 Minutes
Grover Norquist founded Americans for Tax Reform during the Ronald Reagan era, as part of Reagan’s Tax Reform Act of 1986. Since then, he has gotten virtually every Republican legislator to sign a pledge, promising never to vote to raise taxes.

This Sunday on 60 Minutes, Norquist says it’s all part of branding the Republican party with a clear message: “I vote for the Republican. He or she will not raise my taxes,” he says. “You could…go into the voting booth dead drunk, vote for the 'R' – he or she will not raise your taxes.”

Norquist will not yield, even with the possibility of a supercommittee stalemate. Watch a preview of “The Pledge:” http://bit.ly/s6Kbo7
Preview: The Pledge - 60 Minutes - CBS News
‎60 Minutes on CBS News: Preview: The Pledge - Steve Kroft takes a look at Grover Norquist, the man many blame for holding up the deficit-reduction process. Watch Kroft's report on "60 Minutes" Sunday, Nov. 20 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.
Like · Comment · November 19 at 8:43am ·
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60 Minutes
At this stop on her 76-city tour, Taylor Swift soars over a sold-out stadium in a floating balcony. She is Juliet in her best-selling song ‘Love Story,’ which Taylor wrote at age 17.

But Taylor Swift isn’t always high above the crowd. She loves walking through the audience, shaking hands and hugging her fans – she does it twice in every show, something the editorial director of Billboard says he’s never seen from any artist – ever. See an excerpt from Lesley Stahl’s interview with Bill Werde: http://bit.ly/tuAaH8
Like · Comment · November 18 at 3:46pm ·
Michelle Evans, Kelly Brenna Anne Mahoney, Gerald Ledbetter and 90 others like this.
1 share
Steve Brody Nice peice on a talented young lady.
November 20 at 5:21pm · 2
Bill Webster After the other hard-hitting, enlightening stories of how bad things are, at least there's a little light at the end of the tunnel. TS is a national treasure and a truly talented role model for the next generation. Great story!
November 20 at 6:22pm · 3
60 Minutes
This Sunday, Steve Kroft profiles anti-tax lobbyist Grover Norquist. Norquist has gotten nearly every Republican politician in Washington, D.C., to sign a pledge not to raise taxes – ever. But as the deadline for the special joint Congressional committee on deficit reduction approaches, some legislators are reconsidering.

Watch 60 Minutes this Sunday at 7 p.m. ET/PT to hear how Norquist holds them to “the pledge.”
Like · Comment · November 18 at 9:39am ·
Michelle Evans, Robert Benn, Joel Batalsky and 66 others like this.
60 Minutes
Christine Lagarde is the first female head of the International Monetary Fund, a fact that becomes immediately apparent when she shows Lara Logan portraits of all the past directors of the Fund – all of them men.

Lagarde’s first assignment on day one of her new job: save the world’s economy. Tune in to 60 Minutes this Sunday at 7 p.m. to learn more about the woman at the center of the battle to contain the European debt crisis.
Like · Comment · November 17 at 3:26pm ·
Michelle Evans, Shirin Rammo, Anny Karolynne Furtado Marques and 144 others like this.
Tom Dempsey What a breath of fresh air in very turbulent times.
November 21 at 4:42pm · 2
Kinman Cheng IMF is really the one who decide what will happen, and the coming NWO
19 hours ago
60 Minutes
The screaming, shouting, swooning enthusiasm of the audience at a Taylor Swift concert reminds you of the Beatles – it’s almost as if she’s a spiritual leader to her young fans, whose parents appreciate Swift’s message: you can be a good girl and still have fun.

Ahead of Sunday’s profile of the young star, hear Swift’s attitude toward typical rockstar vices, drinking and drugs, on 60 Minutes Overtime: http://bit.ly/u9Stos
Like · Comment · November 17 at 11:49am ·
Michelle Evans, Thomas Beatty, Shahnaz Salehi and 70 others like this.
Brenda Johnson I bet she sells more records than the Beatles. & She is her own manager writers all of her own songs & she is the Boss of her own Company at 21 years old Genius I Think & she is BEAUTIFUL Too !!!!!!
November 20 at 5:55pm · 2
Beverly Maxey Really, the Beatles lets not get carried away folks..
November 20 at 9:23pm · 2
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