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23 Apr 2009 - 21 Jul 2021
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Media/News/Publishing · Washington, District of Columbia
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A Hard-Times Journey: Where Should NPR Go?
Americans are worried; 14 million people are unemployed. Next month, NPR will cross the country to hear about your experiences in this economy. Help us plan our trip. Tell us where you think we ought to go, and why. As the series unfolds, you can keep talking to us via @NPRhardtimes on Twitter.
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Devil In The Details: 3 Artful Tales Of Murder
Why do gruesome stories draw us in? What is it about tales that chill us that we can't stay away from? Author Bruce Machart doesn't have the answers, but he does have three recommendations of books that explore the depths of human depravity.
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Seth Hough human beings are entirely depraved they wont admit to it, but all i know is that no one is perfect not one,
26 minutes ago · 1 person
Atascadero Templeton Ah, nobody can do it better than Dexter Morgan!
3 minutes ago
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Wolf, Monkey Last Of Escaped Exotic Animals On Loose In Ohio, Sheriff Says
Around 50 or so lions, tigers, bears, wolves and other potentially dangerous animals that escaped from a Zanesville, Ohio, preserve have been killed. Their owner is believed to have killed himself after setting the animals free, authorities say.
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Justice Stevens Reflects On The Court And Its Chiefs
After 35 years as a Supreme Court justice, John Paul Stevens retired last year. His newly released memoir is about his time on the bench and the five Supreme Court chief justices he personally knew. He details his views of those justices and how his viewpoints on various issues evolved.
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Jay Tee this was heard weeks ago. NPR did not hit the 90 plus year old justic with tough question. He agress Clarence Thomas wife is doing nothing wrong. Is he crazy. His standard is low. I discourage all from purchasing his book. He got a tax payer salary for 35 years couple with his status. He does not deserve another nickle.
about an hour ago
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Colonizers' Influence Infuses Southeast Asian Cuisine
Food writer Eve Turow shares the foods and customs she delighted in — many of which have French and Dutch roots — during her recent travels in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.
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Report From England: Happy 'Ending' To Man Booker Prize Controversies
In England, where sniping at Booker Prize finalists is a national sport, this year's bickering was especially fierce. But last night's award of the prize to Julian Barnes' absorbing, elegant "The Sense of an Ending" provided ... just that.
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Tausif Khan Reporting on books should be about the themes and connections similarities and differences with other books. Not the competition for prizes.
3 hours ago
Kathleen Grimes Ricker I'm confused. What's Ron Paul have to do with the Booker Prize?
2 hours ago
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Revolutionary Oil Skimmer Nets $1 Million X Prize
A breakthrough in oil cleanup technology allows crews to skim spilled oil off the water's surface at a much faster rate. The new device wasn't developed by Exxon, BP or any of the major oil companies — it's the work of Elastec/American Marine, based in Illinois.
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GOP Contenders Hold 'Raucous' Debate In Vegas
On the morning after, the consensus seems to be that it was a slugfest in Sin City as the contenders went after each other. At one point, Perry and Romney ended up face-to-face in a heated exchange about immigration.
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Malaria Vaccine Cuts Infection Risk By Half, Study Says
Several thousand young African children who got three doses of the experimental vaccine had about 55 percent less risk of getting malaria over a year than those who got a control vaccine against rabies or meningitis.
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Do you have difficulties with other parents? Do they avoid carpool duty or complain about activities they won’t help plan? Tell us about your experience and how it affects your child's life. We might use your comment in an upcoming parenting segment.
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Double Take 'Toons: Fear Of Co-Mitt-ment?
Herman Cain goes into tonight's debate as the Republican frontrunner. Many credit Cain's rise to Rick Perry's fall. Lee Judge and Chip Bok offer their theories on why Cain rather than Mitt Romney benefited from the Texas governor's tumble.
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What Story Does Earth's Life Tell About ET?
How easy is it to create life? It happened here at least once. Does that give scientists studying the creation of life from non-life (abiogenesis) much to work with? Commentator Adam Frank is an optimist.
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Ombudsman: On Murdoch and Liberal Bias at NPR
What does the coverage of the scandal at News Corp. say about NPR and its critics? NPR Ombudsman Edward Schumacher-Matos takes a look.
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Strip-Search That Man, 'Scrabble' Player Demands
There were some heated moments at the World Scrabble Championships when a "G" went missing. Officials decided not to ask one competitor to denudate.
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