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20 Oct 2011 - 20 Jun 2021
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Political Hotsheet · Everyone (Top Posts)
Political Hotsheet
Here's Brian's video anaylsis of the "478th" debate of the Republican cycle. Check it out!
The Drive: Perry shows signs of life - CBS News Video
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Political Hotsheet shared a link.
As Obama courts Latinos, deportation program under scrutiny - Political Hotsheet - CBS News
A new study shows that a deportation program disproportionately impacts Latinos as the president woos back the voting bloc
Like · Comment · 6 hours ago
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Terrie Lake He may gain their illegal vote...but he's lost American votes.
4 hours ago
Political Hotsheet
Who do you think won last night's Republican debate?
GOP debate in Vegas: Winners and losers
Mitt Romney manages to steal the spotlight from Herman Cain as Republican presidential candidates square off Las Vegas.
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Larry Anderson
Mainstream Media

To Whom It May Concern:

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5 hours ago
Joe Dyson Barack Obama
5 hours ago
Political Hotsheet
Tuesday's debate got heated, especially as Mitt Romney and Rick Perry sparred on immigration
Mitt Romney and Rick Perry go mano-a-mano over immigration - Political Hotsheet - CBS News
Texas governor accuses ex-Mass governor of attracting illegal workers to the United States Read more by Corbett B. Daly on CBS News' Political Hotsheet.
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Sherry Davis I wish they would execute each other. What a better place the world would be.
19 hours ago
Political Hotsheet
Herman Cain's certainly popular among the 2012 GOP candidates, but his 9-9-9 plan isn't... more from Brian Montopoli
Cain's rivals: We love you, but we hate 9-9-9 - Political Hotsheet - CBS News
At Republican presidential debate, candidates hammer Herman Cain's tax plan while praising him for his boldness of vision Read more by Brian Montopoli on CBS News' Political Hotsheet.
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Bobby Thomas Do you trust money whores to impose a 9% National Sales Tax?
21 hours ago
Bobby Thomas British government did this and it went from 7% to 68%
20 hours ago
Bobby Thomas income tax started with a max ceiling of 7% and by Carter it was 70% for some! I might trust republicans but there will come a time when the media elects a democratic majority! Remember Obamacare
20 hours ago
Political Hotsheet
We'll be live-tweeting tonight's GOP presidential debate in Vegas beginning at 8pmET. Tune in here...
CBS News Hotsheet (@CBSNewsHotSheet) on Twitter
Sign up for Twitter to follow CBS News Hotsheet (@CBSNewsHotSheet). Political Hotsheet is an all-encompassing politics blog covering the Obama administration, Congress, and anything and everything else in the political sphere.
Like · Comment · Yesterday at 4:17pm
Political Hotsheet​3544_162-20122140-503544.html
Will GOP candidates ignore Nevada's struggles during debate? - Political Hotsheet - CBS News
The GOP presidential candidates are set to debate in a state that was hit extraordinarily hard by the housing crisis; most don't have much to say on matter
Like · Comment · Yesterday at 1:40pm
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Jerry Massey get rid of Reid, duh
Yesterday at 1:49pm · 1 person
Chris Sims I'll Second that, get rid of Reid and get someone that understands economics!
Yesterday at 2:06pm
Stacy Phillips Quit running rightwing nut candidates like Sharon Angle against Reid and maybe you might be able to ;) lol!
21 hours ago
Political Hotsheet​3544_162-20121615-503544.html
Top Republican to address income disparity as "Occupy" protests continue - Political Hotsheet - CBS.
In a speech his office says has been planned for months, Eric Cantor plans to address the issue driving the "Occupy Wall Street" protests
Like · Comment · Monday at 3:04pm
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Stan Walsh Will he insult them and call them names?
Monday at 3:08pm
Stacy Phillips Unlike the tea baggers no one in the Occupy Wall Street movement has ever come to a protest with a Glock strapped to their leg or a rifle strapped to their back...imagine if the OWS protesters carried signs saying "We came unarmed this time"? Eric Cantor never said boo about the armed rightwingers showing up at tea party rally's or town halls meetings where the President was speaking.
21 hours ago
Political Hotsheet
John Dickerson, joined today by Karen Tumulty, Jeff Zeleny and Michael Scherer for discussion on Herman Cain's legitimacy and Mitt Romney's inevitability... what do you think?
Does Herman Cain have a real shot at GOP nomination? - CBS News Video
CBS News: Does Herman Cain have a real shot at GOP nomination? - CBS News political analyst John Dickerson was joined Friday by Time's Michael Scherer, New York Times' Jeff Zelen and Washington Post's Karen Tumulty for a discussion on Mitt Romney's "inevitability" and Herman Cain's odds at becoming ...
Like · Comment · October 14 at 12:37pm
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Kathy Kelsey My take,,,this is an effort by the GOP to dispell the "fact" that they are a racist bunch of bigots! His candidacy is a sham and I, for one, can see "right" through it! Can you really see Carl Rove embracing him? ROFLMAO!
October 14 at 4:32pm · 1 person
October 14 at 5:41pm
Political Hotsheet
Check out a screen grab from the new animation for the open of "Hotsheet Live," just launched today
Wall Photos
Like · Comment · October 14 at 12:28pm
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Prince Muhammad Ilyas ‎:)
October 14 at 9:09pm
Political Hotsheet
We're relaunching our webcast at 12:30pmET today as "Hotsheet Live." Tune in for John Dickerson's politics week-in-review, today with the New York Times' Jeff Zeleny, Time Mag's Michael Scherer and Washington Post's Karen Tumulty
Hotsheet Live Video - CBS News
Hotsheet Live is's politics webshow with interviews and analysis to get scoop on Washington -- the good, the bad and the gritty.
Like · Comment · October 14 at 9:10am
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Political Hotsheet
John Dickerson's latest take on the state of the Republican race.
Herman Cain and the Gospel of Simple
One explanation for the popularity of Herman Cain among Republicans
Like · Comment · October 14 at 8:03am
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Benjamin Napier Simple is best. Cain supports the fed and it ain't simple. Cain is a big government keynesian. No way.
October 14 at 8:13am · 1 person
Political Hotsheet​3544_162-20119916-503544.html
Dems want anti-trust probe of debit card fees - Political Hotsheet - CBS News
A group of House Democrats say there's evidence Bank of America and other banks are colluding on card swipe fees
Like · Comment · October 13 at 3:47pm
Christine Camley, Evan Braunschweiger, Ellen Eck and 5 others like this.
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Ty Boofer Bankers are the biggest crooks on the face of the earth.
October 13 at 4:59pm
Darlene Zimmerman Morris ya mean investigate the people he's in bed with ...hahaha
October 13 at 5:47pm
Darlene Zimmerman Morris banks and wall street spend 14 trillion dollars to bolst politcal campaigns, not counting contributions-that is what all those fees are for...HAHAHA
October 13 at 5:49pm
Political Hotsheet​3544_162-20120052-503544.html
Occupy Wall Street: More popular than you think - Political Hotsheet - CBS News
Polls show Americans have a favorable impression of the movement; most believe wealth is not distributed as equitably as it should be
Like · Comment · October 13 at 12:37pm
Miguel Hernandez, Giulia Earle-Richardson, C.j. Owen and 14 others like this.
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Joe Smith If we sign the petition online, it put more pressure on the Major not to due such a thing; I just did! Petition is withing the news link. kkc
October 13 at 1:15pm
Thomas Michael Vandegrift fifth colmun
October 13 at 2:40pm
Political Hotsheet​2-20119326-503544.html
Cain's 9-9-9 plan: A solution or a slogan? - Political Hotsheet - CBS News
Herman Cain wants a simpler tax plan - but critics say it's unrealistic, uncontrollable and hurtful to the poor
Like · Comment · October 12 at 2:47pm
Aimee Lovett, Michael Lee Heidbrider Sr., Bruce Shealy and 4 others like this.
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Liberty Forall Pizza Price
October 13 at 3:13pm
Pamella Haynes Aimee you may be fan, why evades me. But to say he is all we have but most people are looking something BETTER. I have no idea where you are coming from I just hope you are joking
October 13 at 4:43pm
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