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Facebook shared their own note: A Faster Way to Message on Mobile.
A Faster Way to Message on Mobile
UPDATE on Wednesday, October 19, 2011: We're excited to announce an update to Facebook Messenger. In this version, we've included a bunch of new features and performance improvements designed to make your messaging experience even better...
By: Facebook
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Facebook shared their own note: Introducing Facebook for iPad.
Introducing Facebook for iPad
Many of you have been asking about Facebook for iPad. Today, it's finally here. With the iPad app, you get the full Facebook experience, right at your fingertips. It's a fun way to keep up with friends, share photos, chat and more.   Here are some of the highlights....
By: Facebook
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Starting today, in addition to your smartphone or feature phone apps, there’s a new way to experience Facebook—the iPad app. Now you can enjoy your favorite parts of Facebook, combined with the best of the iPad. To get Facebook for iPad today, visit www.facebook.com/ipad.
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Like Facebook Tips to stay up to date with product announcements, new features, and advice on how to get the most out of Facebook.
Facebook Tips
You can always search our Help Center to find common questions & answers from Facebook.
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House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy and Budget Chairman Paul Ryan will join Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg on Facebook Live. Don't forget to tune in at 3 p.m. PT/6 p.m. ET.
Facebook Live
Facebook Live - Facebook Live is Facebook’s official live video streaming channel, providing a deeper look into our features, partners & employees. - Plot Outline: Facebook Live is Facebook’s official live video streaming channel, provide a deeper look into our features, partners & employees. We b...
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A rumor on the internet caught our attention. We have no plans to charge for Facebook. It's free and always will be.
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Andy Samberg on stage with Mark at our conference today where we announced timeline.
F8 Keynote Introduction
Andy Sandberg introduces the F8 Keynote
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Tell Your Story with Timeline
Since the beginning of Facebook, your profile has been the place where you tell your story. People use it to share everything from the small stuff, like their thoughts on an article, to the most important events of their lives, like the photos of their wedding or the birth of their child...
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Facebook shared their own note: Interesting News, Any Time You Visit.
Interesting News, Any Time You Visit
When you visit Facebook, you should see the things you're most interested in, like status updates from your family and closest friends. Last week, we announced improvements to Friend Lists and a new Subscribe button to help you see more of what you care about, and less of what you don't...
By: Facebook
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Introducing the Subscribe Button
Until now, it hasn't been easy to choose exactly what you see in your News Feed. Maybe you don't want to see every time your brother plays a game on Facebook, for example. Or maybe you'd like to see more stories from your best friends, and fewer from your coworkers...
Like · Comment · September 14 at 10:00am
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Improved Friend Lists
This week, it will be easier than ever to see more from the people you care about and simpler to share with exactly the right people using Friend Lists.   Want to see posts from your closest friends?...
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We're testing a feature for people who are very active on Facebook and receive lots of email notifications from us. We'll provide a new summary email and turn off most individual email notifications. If you want to turn them back on, there's a control in your account settings.
Wall Photos
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