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07 Sep 2008 - 18 Jul 2021
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Media/News/Publishing · New York, New York
The New York Times
“We ask our men and women in uniform to leave their families, our guardsmen and reservists to leave their jobs. We ask you to fight, to sacrifice, to risk your lives for your country. The last thing you should have to do is fight for a job when you come home.” - President Barack Obama
Obama Unveils Business Partnership to Boost Military Hiring
President Obama announced a partnership with companies that aims to employ 25,000 veterans and military spouses.
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Martha Meacham ‎"waist"? Take Audrey's advice and pick the CORRECT "waste".
55 seconds ago · 1 person
Raphael Sassi Wouldn't "ask" be more true if there was still a draft? This is simply a political ploy which happens to put the cart before the horse. If the government and major corporations of America were more accountable to the people of America, fewer would have to resort to leaving ELECTING to join the military in the first place.
40 seconds ago
The New York Times
Tom Morello performed for the Occupy Wall Street protesters in Zuccotti Park last week. “Every successful movement has a soundtrack,” he said. Perhaps he is right, but the Occupy Wall Street protesters have yet to find an anthem. (Photo: Ozier Muhammad/The New York Times)

James C. McKinley Jr. asks, “Where have all the protest songs gone?” http://nyti.ms/ove816
Wall Photos
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The New York Times shared a link.
Greece Moves Forward on New Austerity Bill
Thousands of Greek workers walked off the job on Wednesday at the start of a two-day general strike to protest a new round austerity measures.
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The New York Times shared a link.
Police Kill Dozens of Animals Freed From Ohio Preserve
Officials say they killed at least 25 animals that escaped from an exotic animal preserve after the owner released the animals before killing himself.
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The New York Times
Explore a slideshow of memorable World Series program covers: http://nyti.ms/nBBFSE. Which one is your favorite?
Get Your World Series Programs Here!
Since 1903, the World Series program has chronicled baseball through the prism of world wars, the Great Depression and the space age.
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Ralph Simmons None, You couldn't get one from '77, '78, '96, '98, '99, '00, or '09...:-)
about an hour ago
James Osborne
Just one note of correction re: the display of World Series program covers on p. B 13 of the National Edition today (10/19/11). In the upper-right-hand corner there is a reproduction of a 1938 World Series program celebrating the Pittsburgh...
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55 minutes ago
The New York Times
Thanks to all of our readers who submitted questions on Facebook yesterday for this discussion. New York Times editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal asked questions from Facebook users Meghan Walker, Josh Hill, Frank Monachello and Michael Barber. Watch video of last night's discussion here: http://bit.ly/qYopHm
Video: The Opinion Pages Live
David Brooks, Frank Bruni, Gail Collins and Thomas B. Edsall joined Times editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal for a highly opinionated look at the political climate and the 2012 campaign.
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Meghan Scott Awful.
43 minutes ago
The New York Times shared a link.
California’s Olive Oils Challenge Europe’s
Companies in California are resuscitating the domestic olive oil industry, producing oils that can be fresher, purer and cheaper than all but the finest imports.
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The New York Times
In Opinion, Maureen Dowd writes, "The Mormons even baptized Anne Frank. It took Ernest Michel, then chairman of the American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors, three years to get Mormons to agree to stop proxy-baptizing Holocaust victims."
Anne Frank, a Mormon?
In the modern Republican Party, separation of church and state seems like an antiquated notion.
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The New York Times
Quotation of the Day: “It was nothing to buy whatever we wanted. Now we just think about what we really need.” - Sherry Deweese, whose home in Ocoee, Fla., is now worth less than she paid for it 13 years ago.
Gloom Grips Consumers, and It May Be Home Prices
The United States has a confidence problem, and a growing number of economists argue that the collapse of housing prices plays a major role.
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The New York Times
The most contentious of all of the debates so far, it made Mitt Romney a target for the six other Republicans on stage with him, and signaled the start of a tough new phase of the campaign little more than two months before the first votes are cast.
Republican Presidential Candidates Debate in Las Vegas
Even before the candidates met, earlier debates had already profoundly shaped the Republican nominating contest and perceptions of the candidates.
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The New York Times
Watch live now as a group of our Opinion columnists discuss the current political climate and the 2012 presidential election.
Streaming Video
Watch our 2012 election chat with Andy Rosenthal, Frank Bruni, Gail Collins, David Brooks and Thomas Edsall.
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The New York Times
See how the city of Atlanta brings the undead to life ... if you dare!
Zombie Apocalypse? Atlanta Says Bring It On
The city, home to the hit series “The Walking Dead,” has embraced the monsters with a variety of parades and festivals celebrating the undead.
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The New York Times
Op-Ed contributors Karl W. Giberson and Randall J. Stephens write, "Evangelicalism at its best seeks a biblically grounded expression of Christianity that is intellectually engaged, humble and forward-looking. In contrast, fundamentalism is literalistic, overconfident and reactionary."
The Evangelical Rejection of Reason
Evangelical Christianity need not be defined by the simplistic theology, cultural isolationism and stubborn anti-intellectualism that most of the Republican candidates have embraced.
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The New York Times
Do you think children younger than 2 should be allowed to watch television? Share your thoughts on these new guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics.
No TV for Children Under 2, Doctors’ Group Urges
The American Academy of Pediatrics says that infants who passively watch videos on any kind of screen may experience problems with language development.
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The New York Times
“The space program, any space program, needs a dream,” said one participant, Joseph Breeden. “If there are no dreamers, we’ll never get anywhere.”
Possibility Is Thrust of 100-Year Starship Study
At a symposium on the government’s 100-Year Starship Study, thoughts of traveling the cosmos were rooted in what’s possible.
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