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Hudson Bookstore

Welcome to the Hudson Institute Bookstore!
Here you'll find a comprehensive listing of all books published by Hudson Institute. If you have trouble finding a particular publication, please call Hudson Institute Publications at 1-888-554-1325.
Featured Book of the Month

Sovereignty or Submission? Will Americans Rule Themselves or Be Ruled by Others?
This book, by Senior Fellow John Fonte, addresses the debate over democratic self-government versus transnational global authority. The book tells the story of the global governance movement and explains how it threatens the liberal democratic nation-state in general and American self-government in particular. Purchase this book from Amazon.com
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Featured Book of the Month

Citizen Islam: The Future of Muslim Integration in the West
Since September 11, Western governments have legitimized and empowered “nonviolent Islamists” as representatives of Islam for all Muslims in the West, an approach that has worried Muslim moderates. Citizen Islam addresses the implications of this approach. The book opens with an overview of the theology and history of Islam, to show that violence and intolerance are not fundamental aspects of the religion. It then explains the growth of Islamism in Europe and in the United States before suggesting that both are finally beginning to recognize the threat posed by nonviolent Islamists. Lastly, it outlines steps that Western and Muslims leaders can take to strengthen moderate Islam and counter the threat of Islamism. Written by Zeyno Baran, a Turkish-born Muslim, Citizen Islam sheds a sharp light on Muslim communities in the West. It concludes that there is much that Western governments can still do to reverse the spread of Islamism. But they must act quickly. To purchase this book please visit Continuum Books
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Featured Book of the Month
The History of the Future: The Shape of the World to Come Is Visible Today
Purchase this book from Amazon.com

Human character has always been shaped by struggles against poverty, tyranny, and war. Hudson Institute co-founder and Senior Fellow Max Singer's new book, The History of the Future: The Shape of the World to Come Is Visible Today (Lexington Books), argues that poverty, tyranny, and war will be largely eliminated in the future. Without the struggles that have plagued humanity throughout history, Singer says we will have to find new ways to shape character. In this work which continues the research into the future that Singer began with Herman Kahn a half-century ago, Singer asks the important question: will people really be better off when the whole world has become wealthy, free, and peaceful?

Professor Bruce Bueno de Mesquita of New York University praises The History of the Future by stating that “anyone who wants to understand where the world of politics, economics, and freedom is headed must read this book.”

Singer is a Senior Fellow at Hudson Institute and at the BESA Institute of Bar Ilan University in Israel. He is the author of Passage to a Human World: the Dynamics of Creating Global Wealth, with a foreword by Irving Kristol (Transaction Publishers, 2d ed. 1989); and of The REAL World Order: Zones of Peace/Zones of Turmoil, with Aaron Wildavsky (Chatham House, rev'd ed. 1996).

Purchase through Amazon here.

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