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Election 2012
The Drive: Who's Up? Who's Down?
High in the polls, Rick Perry surges
Romney and Perry may be breakaway frontrunners
Is Rick Perry a GOP frontrunner?
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Perry pushes flat tax; tries to regain frontrunner status
CBS News political correspondent Jan Crawford reports on the latest news in the GOP presidential race, where Texas Gov. Rick Perry tries to get back on top by pushing a flat tax.
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Does Herman Cain support abortion rights?
After first saying "abortion under no circumstances," candidate suggests decisions should be made by families, not the government
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Cain regrets no-Muslims-in-Cabinet remark
In TV interviews, Herman Cain softens his earlier harsh comments on Muslims, electric fence
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Cain combats criticism of '9-9-9' plan
Cain says critics of his plan are interested in politics instead of problem solving; His Vegas stay like a "victory lap"
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Romney draws 2,000 in South Dakota
One day after combative debate, Romney turns on the charm in Sioux City; Audience for candidate includes South Dakota governor
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Herman Cain supporters launch a super PAC
Supporters of the businessman started an independent group to support his presidential bid
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Perry calls for flat tax to replace income tax
The Texas governor previewed his economic plan in a speech to the Western Republican Leadership Conference in Las Vegas
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Obama camp signals focus is solely on Romney
Obama reelection team harshly attacks Mitt Romney while largely ignoring his rivals in wake of GOP debate
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Obama presses Congress to help out-of-work vets
President wraps up three-day bus tour promoting jobs bill in key election states, North Carolina and Virginia
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Will deportations erode Obama's Latino support?
A new study shows that a deportation program disproportionately impacts Latinos as the president woos back the voting bloc
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The Drive: Perry brings out Romney's human side
At Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas, the GOP race finally heats up as frontrunners look ready to throw a punch
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GOP debate becomes Wild West bar fight in Vegas
John Dickerson: Rick Perry and Mitt Romney duke it out at the campaign's most entertaining debate so far
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Obama team slams Romney after GOP debate
Obama strategist David Axelrod said Mitt Romney had an "unintentionally revealing moment" during the spat with Perry over illegal immigration
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Campaign strategist "confident" in Obama
Chief campaign strategist David Axelrod speaks to the "Early Show" anchors about President Obama's run for re-election in 2012, the push for his jobs act and the Republican competition.
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Perry, Romney face off in fiery GOP debate
Political analyst John Dickerson speaks to Erica Hill about the Republican presidential debate and the fiery interaction between Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney.
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Perry to Romney: "You hired illegals"
Republican presidential candidates went head-to-head in a heated debate, with Texas Gov. Rick Perry on the attack. Jan Crawford reports on the highlights of the debate.
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GOP debate in Vegas: Winners and losers
Mitt Romney manages to steal the spotlight from Herman Cain as Republican presidential candidates square off Las Vegas
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Fact checking GOP candidate debate claims
As with any debate, the GOP presidential candidates made bold claims to score political points in Las Vegas
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Romney: "Dangerous" to base vote on religion
Former Mass. Gov. says selecting a president based on "the church or the synagogue they go to" is "dangerous," an "enormous departure" from Constitution
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Huntsman mocks "game show" debate in Vegas
Other Republicans trade barbs on a stage, while a back-of-the-pack candidate offers cider and cookies
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Rick Perry: Time to consider defunding U.N.
Republican presidential candidate says U.S. needs to consider cutting foreign aid, asks of U.N., "who are we funding that organization?"
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Romney and Perry go mano-a-mano over immigration
Texas governor accuses ex-Mass governor of attracting illegal workers to the United States
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Romney's "credibility" on health care attacked
Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich hammer Mitt Romney over health care; former Mass. Governor tells Gingrich "we got the idea" of individual mandate from you
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Cain's rivals: We love you, but we hate 9-9-9
At Republican presidential debate, candidates hammer Herman Cain's tax plan while praising him for his boldness of vision
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Cain's 9-9-9 plan: boon for rich, bust for rest
Under Herman Cain's tax plan, most Americans would see their incomes fall, new study finds, while rich would see significant tax cuts
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On the trail in Iowa, N.H. and beyond
As the field of 2012 GOP presidential contenders starts to solidify, the candidates are logging serious time on the campaign trail
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Rick Perry's political rise
As Texas Gov. Perry gears up to announce his bid for the presidency, takes a look back at his career.
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Michele Bachmann's political rise tracks Michele Bachmann's swift rise up the political ladder
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Mitt Romney's career in pictures
As former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney prepares to run for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination, CBS News takes a look back at his career.
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Palin's political career
As former Vice Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin gears up for a possible bid for the White House, a look at her history on the campaign trail.
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Jon Huntsman's political rise
In less than a year, former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman went from working for President Obama to challenging him for the presidency. Here, presents Huntsman's career in pictures.
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Newt Gingrich's life in pictures
As Newt Gingrich takes the first steps toward a presidential run, CBS News looks back at his career.
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The narrowing GOP presidential field
As Republicans officially jump into - or opt out of - the 2012 presidential race, CBS News presents an up-to-date slideshow of the narrowing field
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Does Herman Cain have a real shot at GOP nomination?
CBS News political analyst John Dickerson was joined Friday by Time's Michael Scherer, New York Times' Jeff Zeleny and Washington Post's Karen Tumulty for a discussion on Mitt Romney's "inevitability" and Herman Cain's odds at becoming the Republican nominee.
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What to expect in the next GOP debate
CBS News political analyst John Dickerson was joined Friday for a preview of the next GOP presidential debate by Bloomberg insiders Al Hunt and Margaret Carlson. Eight candidates face off in the Bloomberg/Washington Post debate next Tuesday in New Hampshire.
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Does Herman Cain support abortion rights?Does Herman Cain support abortion rights?Read MorePerry pushes flat tax; tries to regain frontrunner statusPerry pushes flat tax; tries to regain frontrunner statusWatch VideoCain regrets no-Muslims-in-Cabinet remarkCain regrets no-Muslims-in-Cabinet remarkRead MoreCain combats criticism of '9-9-9' planCain combats criticism of '9-9-9' planRead More
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