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Notorious teacher sex scandals
Mentally disabled locked in Philadelphia basement
Seattle "superhero" Phoenix Jones unmasked in court
Most outrageous mug shots
Kansas City police search for missing 10-month-old Lisa Irwin
Police search home where baby Lisa went missing
Oct 20, 10:12AM by Crimesider Staff Topics Daily Blotter
(Credit: KCTV)
(CBS/KCTV/AP) KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Officers on Wednesday armed with shovels, rakes and other tools, hauled off bags of potential evidence from the home where missing baby Lisa Irwin went missing.
Pictures: Missing Kansas City infant
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Colo. couple suspected in over 20 robberies
Oct 20, 9:51AM by Crimesider Staff Topics Daily Blotter
(Credit: Jefferson County District Attorney's Office/KCNC)
(CBS/KCNC) GOLDEN, Colo. - Police believe they've captured a couple who could be responsible for more than 20 robberies since August across the front range of Colorado's Rocky Mountains.​CONTINUE »
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San Antonio courthouse break-in now seen as prank
Oct 20, 9:42AM by Crimesider Staff Topics Daily Blotter
(Credit: AP Photo/Bexar County Sheriff)
(CBS/KENS/AP) SAN ANTONIO - Five foreign nationals with French visas broke into a San Antonio courthouse early Wednesday, authorities said, setting off a heavy police response with bomb-sniffing dogs and FBI agents. However, the five young men were partiers and not terrorists. CONTINUE »
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Boy, 7, victim of piggy bank theft, is reimbursed
Oct 20, 9:21AM by Barry Leibowitz Topics Daily Blotter
(Credit: iStockphoto)
(CBS/KOVR) SACRAMENTO - This is a story about the kindness of strangers.  We thought we should warn you because such good news doesn't grace these pages often enough.
Yesterday, Crimesider told you about a 7-year-old boy whose piggy bank containing $300 was stolen from his family's home near Sacramento. Today, he's got the money back.
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JetBlue "hero" attendant gets probation
Oct 20, 9:16AM by Crimesider Staff Topics Daily Blotter
(Credit: Personal photo)
(CBS/AP) NEW YORK  - Steven Slater, a fed-up flight attendant whose spectacular exit down an emergency chute made him a national sensation, completed his court-ordered treatment program Wednesday and was sentenced to a year of probation.
Photos: Steven Slater, JetBlue Flight Attendant
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Mass. boy with saxophone barred from school bus
Oct 20, 8:54AM by Barry Leibowitz Topics Daily Blotter
(CBS/WBZ) RAYNHAM, Mass. - Think back to your school days, if you can, and remember those dedicated kids who lugged their musical instruments onto the bus - not just flutes and clarinets, but trombones, or even the occasional tuba.
Andrew DiMarzio wants to be one of those kids, but his school district south of Boston says it's too dangerous, according to CBS affiliate WBZ.
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Pa. church robbed for the third time in 2 years
Oct 20, 8:26AM by Crimesider Staff Topics Daily Blotter
(Credit: LifeSpring Christian Church/KDKA)
(CBS/KDKA) GREENSBURG, PA - A church in Pennsylvania is dealing with its third break-in in less than two years.
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Cops: Murder-suicide claims family in NYC suburb
Oct 19, 4:31PM by Crimesider Staff Topics Daily Blotter
(Credit: WCBS)
(CBS/AP) CROSS RIVER, N.Y. - Sam Friedlander, who was in the middle of a divorce, fatally shot his two children in their beds, bludgeoned his wife to death with the leg from a piece of furniture, then killed himself in the basement of their suburban New York home, police said Wednesday.
The bodies of Amy and Sam Friedlander and their children, 8-year-old Gregory and 10-year-old Molly, were discovered Tuesday afternoon, hours after their deaths, in affluent Cross River, north of New York City. All were in nightclothes, police said.
The couple had a divorce proceeding scheduled for Thursday, but were still living under the same roof, in separate bedrooms, said state police Maj. Michael Kopy. The husband was 50, the wife 46.
The children were found dead in their beds, shot in the torso and then covered with bedspreads, Kopy said. He said it wasn't yet known if they were asleep when they were shot.
Their mother lay dead on the floor of the master bedroom, amid the bloody evidence of a struggle, Kopy said. The furniture leg lay nearby and was likely the murder weapon, he said.
The father's body was in the unfinished basement, along with the shotgun he used. Kopy said no suicide note had been found as of Wednesday afternoon.
Counselors were summoned for the officers who encountered the carnage and the investigators who processed the crime scenes scattered through the house.
Police had been alerted by the wife's worried business partner.
"She was aware that Mr.and Mrs. Friedlander had been involved in divorce proceedings and that she had not heard from Mrs. Friedlander during the day," Kopy said. "She felt that was unusual and she asked troopers to go out to the residence."
Kopy said a domestic incident was reported at the house in 2006, with no arrest. He said it was "an argument over the children, certainly not indicative of what transpired here Monday night into Tuesday morning."
He said Sam Friedlander had no criminal record.
The couple's May 2000 wedding announcement in The New York Times said Amy Friedlander was a vice president for Chase Manhattan Bank and her husband a lawyer for the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.
The Friedlanders' rabbi, Carla Freedman of the Jewish Family Congregation in South Salem, said the couple had been "experiencing a variety of different stresses."
"We knew about the divorce, and the house was for sale, and there were financial concerns," she said. "But nothing said, `Red flag.' "
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Lindsay Lohan handcuffed, judge revokes probation
Oct 19, 3:08PM by Crimesider Staff Topics Daily Blotter
(Credit: Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images)
(CBS/AP) LOS ANGELES - Lindsay Lohan in trouble with the law? Say it isn't so!
The 25-year-old Lohan was taken away in handcuffs Wednesday after a Los Angeles judge found her in violation of her probation in her drunk driving and theft cases.
Bail was set at $100,000.
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"Occupy Cleveland" protester says she was raped
Oct 19, 2:28PM by Crimesider Staff Topics Daily Blotter
(Credit: AP Photo/Mark Duncan)
(CBS/WOIO) CLEVELAND - Cleveland police are investigating an alleged sexual assault incident that occured Saturday at the "Occupy Cleveland" rally involving a 19-year-old female student.​CONTINUE »
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