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20 October 2011 Last updated at 13:06 ET
IQ 'can change in teenage years'
The mental ability of teenagers can improve or decline on a far greater scale than previously thought, according to new research.
Egg donor compensation to rise
The UK's fertility watchdog has agreed to triple the compensation given to women who donate eggs to help infertile couples to have a child.
Swine flu linked to stillbirths
Babies born to mothers who contracted the swine flu virus faced a much greater risk of being stillborn according to a new study
Botswana call to change gay laws
Malaria vaccine trial raises hope
Ruling 'threatens stem cell work'
EU rules 'put patients at risk'
Climate 'grave' security threat
Malaria deaths fall 20% in decade
Bacterium linked to bowel cancer
Switch clue to pregnancy problems
Low birthweight 'link to autism'
Obesity 'harms teen girls more'
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Internet 'may be changing brains'
DNA study of 115-year-old woman
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Fergus Walsh
Medical correspondent
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Malaria vaccine trial results promising
18:16 UK time, Tuesday, 18 October 2011
Some much-anticipated results have come in from a major trial of a vaccine against malaria. They are encouraging, but there are some questions unresolved.
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Scrubbing Up: Provocative thoughts on health
Antenatal advice 'perpetuates C-section myths'
It is claimed pregnant women are not given a realistic picture of having a C-section - so many end up with "unnecessary" feelings of regret and failure.
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Malaria vaccine trial raises hope
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Images of the old and new methods used to fight TB
Potato plight
Why did America turn against the nutritious tuber?
Microbe mass
How our bacteria shape our bodies
'Our best option'
The childless Britons using Indian surrogates
'Face blindness'
Man hopes a new test will uncover the cause of his prosopagnosia
'Everybody on the edge'
Confronting suicide as Greek social problems mount
People power
Bio fuel cells which promise to turn the human body into a battery
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How to spend 24 hours seeing the planet's top sights and experiences
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Internet 'may be changing brains'
'No warning' as GPs cut patients
Switch clue to pregnancy problems
DNA study of 115-year-old woman
DNA study of 115-year-old woman
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How virtual reality is helping medical staff in London to prepare for major incidents
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Attempts in Australia to sell cigarettes in plain packaging to reduce deaths from smoking.
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