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20 October 2011 Last updated at 13:06 ET
New funds to tackle tree diseases
The UK government launches a tree biosecurity plan, as scientists confirm the arrival of another deadly tree disease in England.
UK oaks' future 'at crossroads'
'Spy in sky' spots killer disease
Oak disease 'threatens landscape'
Companies call for climate action
Leaders of nearly 200 major companies around the world call for tougher action on climate change, saying it will reduce prosperity if unchecked.
Low carbon companies 'outperform'Could Rick Perry be president?
More funding for wave and tidal
Wave and tidal stream power are set to get more funding in proposed changes to the level of support for renewable energy.
'European GPS' lift-off delayed
The launch of the first satellites for Galileo - Europe's version of GPS - is delayed due to an anomaly during fuelling of their Soyuz rocket.
Climate change migration warning
Governments and aid agencies should help the world's poorest to move away from areas likely to be hit by flooding and drought, a UK report says.
IQ 'can change in teenage years'
Scots carbon capture scheme scrapped
Malaria vaccine trial raises hope
Researchers warn of new Stuxnet
Internet 'may be changing brains'
Reef fish live and hunt as a team
Also in the News
'Broadband giant' heads skyward
Future chips could 'self rewire'
Other Science Stories
Ruling 'threatens stem cell work'
Taxi driver donates body for mummy test
Branson launches desert spaceport
FBI DNA database plans under fire
Bloodhound diary: The unique challenge
Famous telescope seeks new name
Other Environment Stories
Med Bluefin tuna catch 'unabated'
Nigeria 'threatened by shipwrecks'
Scots fish farms face ban over lice
Climate 'grave' security threat
Weather halts NZ oil ship pumping
Orcas make waves to prey on seals
Our Experts
Jonathan Amos
Science correspondent
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A rocket abroad - Soyuz in French Guiana
00:45 UK time, Tuesday, 18 October 2011
It is one of the most important weeks in the history of European space activity, with the first Russian Soyuz rocket set to launch from French Guiana.
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Richard Black
Environment correspondent
More from Richard
Carbon: What price simplicity?
22:52 UK time, Monday, 17 October 2011
Is there a simpler way to put a price on carbon emissions than unwieldy trading schemes?
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Special Reports
From BBC Science: 23 Degrees
Filming the weather of Earth for a full orbit
Nature news
'Criminal' penguin caught on film
An Adelie penguin is captured on camera stealing stones from its neighbour's pebble nest.
Colony found hidden at Giant's Causeway
Piranhas 'communicate with sound'
From BBC Science & Environment
The meat-eater turned vegetarian
How did the Moon form?
An object about the size of Mars may have struck the Earth billions of years ago
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Viking artefacts show 'high-status'
Thief penguin steals neighbour's nest
Exmoor sees bumper crop of acorns
Features & Analysis
'Oil canvas'
A photo of pelicans caught in the Deepwater Horizon spill earns a major award BBC NATURE
Voyage to Valhalla
Stunning Viking boat burial uncovered in Scotland
Fungal fears
The disease that is killing Europe's plane trees
At risk
England's industrial heritage sites at risk of decay or demolition
Keep on running
How can anyone run a marathon at 100?
The wheel thing
Could technology make train tracks a thing of the past? CLICK
Clean and simple
Could taxing oil at source solve the climate change puzzle?
Elsewhere on the BBC
Globe trotting
How to spend 24 hours seeing the planet's top sights and experiences
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From Science and Environment in the last week
IQ 'can change in teenage years'
Climate 'grave' security threat
FBI DNA database plans under fire
Trees 'boost African crop yields'
Famous telescope seeks new name
A report on the fallout from Blackberry’s black out
One Planet
The environmental battles over the paper industry, plus urban design and the London riots.
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