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CBS News.com October 20, 2011 1:44 PM EDT
Click to read: Qaddafi dead after Sirte battle, PM confirms
Qaddafi dead after Sirte battle, PM confirms
Fugitive Libyan dictator killed after revolutionary forces capture hometown; Final bastion of loyalist resistance falls
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Hanna: Animals owner's wife called them her kids
Jack Hanna: Wife of exotic animal farm owner was "uncontrollable" over the removal of remaining animals
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Wall Street protest in delicate dance with media
Occupy Wall Street's volunteers help reporters to spread movement's message even as many protesters don't trust the press
Qaddafi's warped vision maddened world
Dictator who seized power by overthrowing monarchy dies with falling of hometown to revolutionaries
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GRAPHIC VIDEO: Crowd taunts wounded Qaddafi GRAPHIC VIDEO: Libya TV video shows the deposed Libyan leader, Muammar Qaddafi, bloodied and wounded but still alive.
Mitt Romney: "About time" Qaddafi was killed
Republican presidential candidates herald the death of Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi; Perry says it's "good news" for the future of Libya
Crimesider Blotter
Colo. couple suspected in over 20 robberies
Boyfriend and girlfriend could be to blame for more than 20 robberies since August
Lindsay Lohan's mug shot released
Actress posed for the booking photo, her fifth since 2007, after a judge revoked her probation
Suicide, U.S.A: 13 states with most suicidal thoughts
Where are people most likely to think about ending it all? New CDC report holds some surprises
CBS MoneyWatch
Will Bank of America need another bailout?
BofA is dumping risky derivatives into FDIC-insured part of bank; guess who's on the hook if they go bust?
Birth of alien planet spotted for first time
Hawaii astronomer takes the first direct image of a planet being born
Clever Pixar Animation Halloween costume idea
YouTube video showing a very creative Halloween costume idea inspired by Pixar Animation
Scott Hall: "I should have been dead 100 times"
Wrestler Scott Hall talks about his battles with drug and alcohol addiction on ESPN's "E:60"
A spark lit in Tunisia ignites the world
Around the globe, the power of despair is shaking the established order in ways few might have predicted
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