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12 Mar 2011 - 13 Jun 2021
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Disaster in Japan
Strong quake rocks northeast Japan
Magnitude 5.6 temblor centered near Fukushima which suffered from devastating March quake; No immediate reports of damage
Japan earthquake: before and after
Search and Rescue in Japan
Quake, tsunami slam Japan
Okla. man helps Japanese islanders to fish again
Sister city to the rescue
Sister cities across the Pacific
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Okla. man helps Japanese islanders to fish again
Lucy Craft profiles Steven Whitney, an Oklahoma man who runs volunteer tours to a distressed Japanese island to help locals rebuild their lives and start fishing again.
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Sister city to the rescue
When the residents of Fort Bragg, Calif., saw their sister city in Japan devastated by the tsunami, they started fundraising. Former Mayor Lindy Peters says 6,000 people raised over $160,000.
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Sister cities across the Pacific
Thousand of miles divide Otsuchi, Japan, from Fort Bragg, CA., but they were sister cities, and Fort Bragg resident Sharon Davis says they even looked alike before the tsunami.
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Rebuilding from the ruins
No town in Japan was hit harder by the tsunami than Otsuchi, but resident Ken Sasaki tells Bob Simon that his devastated town will rebuild.
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Sister cities after the tsunami
The March tsunami destroyed the Japanese town of Otsuchi, but not its bond to the town of Fort Bragg, CA, which is determined to help save its sister. Bob Simon reports.
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Strong quake rocks northeast Japan
Magnitude 5.6 temblor centered near Fukushima which suffered from devastating March quake; No immediate reports of damage
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Lanterns fly in Japan to honor Tsunami victims
Hundreds of lanterns were released in Japan's Fukushima Prefecture to mark the half-year anniversary of the massive earthquake and tsunami that devastated the country. The ceremony was held only 24 miles from the radiation-leaking Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.
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Japan's tsunami: Six months later
Almost six months after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Lucy Craft takes a look back at the sense of civic cooperation that helped Japanese victims survive.
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Japan finance chief to be new prime minister
Ruling party elects Finance Minister Yoshihiko Noda new leader, paving way for him to inherit post-quake recovery
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Japan Prime Minister Naoto Kan resigns
Just 15 months into leadership, Kan forced from office by plunging approval ratings over tsunami, nuke crisis handling
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Post-quake Japan sweats through power restrictions
Heat-beating gadget boom amid effort to keep cool as temps soar and government demands air conditioning cuts
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Japan: Seniors offer themselves for nuke work
Retired senior citizens in Japan are signing up for work at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant - stepping up to replace younger people to shoulder some of the burden of the cleanup in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated the nation. CBS News correspondent Lucy Craft reports.
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Japan still wrestling with nuclear crisis
The Japanese government has loosened safety limits on radiation exposure in the Fukushima region, claiming its residents face no additional risk. But many experts believe that Fukushima is no longer safe - particularly for children. Lucy Craft reports.
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Japan's radiation dilemma: Leave or live in fear
Four months after Fukushima nuclear plant began leaking radiation, families worried about kids' health face difficult choice
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Fukushima children to receive radiation meters
City at center of Japan's nuclear disaster to monitor radiation levels in 34,000 local kids as long-term concerns grow
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Thousands work to clean up Fukushima plant
For the nearly two thousand workers trying to clean up Japan's crippled nuclear power plant in Fukushima, lending a helping hand is a highly personal mission. Lucy Craft reports.
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Stradivarius sold for nearly $16M to aid Japan
Nearly 300-year-old violin is auctioned by Nippon Foundation to raise funds for quake and tsunami disaster relief
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Relief funds not reaching Japan's victims
In the 100 days since the disastrous earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, only a fraction of almost $3 billion in Red Cross relief funds has reached the many in need. Lucy Craft reports.
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100 days since Japan quake
It was 100 days ago that the deadly earthquake and tsunami struck Japan. More than 100,000 citizens there are still without a permanent home. Lucy Craft reports on what life is like for those living in a homeless shelter in Kazo, Japan.
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Radiation traces found in whales off Japan
Two minke whales caught along coast show small amounts of radioactive cesium, presumably from country's nuclear crisis; Levels far below limit
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Tokyo begins radiation checks in public parks
Safety officials in Tokyo have begun radiation checks in public places, including playgrounds and parks. Jeff Glor reports.
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Japan: 8 nuke workers may exceed radiation limit
Preliminary radiation tests show 6 more workers were exposed to levels beyond gov't standard during nuclear disaster
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Japan warns disaster survivors face suicide risk
Report cites shock, depression and guilt among tsunami and quake survivors in nation that already has high suicide rate
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Earless bunny video stokes Japan nuke fears
"Nuclear rabbit" tape posted on YouTube shows bunny supposedly born near crippled Fukushima plant; Sign of mutations to come?
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Japan: Leaked radiation twice what was estimated
Gov't doubles amount of radiation leaked from one-tenth of Chernobyl disaster to one-fifth at tsunami-hit nuclear power plant
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Above-limit radiation found on 2 Japan workers
Nuclear power plant operator says control-room operators not showing health problems after exceeding exposure limit for men
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Japan PM survives no-confidence vote
But Naoto Kan says he's willing to step down once recovery from nuclear crisis takes root
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Japan's PM under pressure to resign over crisis
Naoto Kan says he will consider resigning once Japan's efforts to recover from its earthquake and tsunami disaster take firm hold
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UN: Japan nuke plants ill-prepared for tsunami
Global atomic energy agency hails Japan's disaster response as exemplary, but says reactors vulnerable
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Oil spill, blast hit crippled Japan nuke plant
Small explosion and oil spill cause limited damage - but no further radiation leaks - at Fukushima Dai-ichi plant
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Floodwaters rising in northeast Japan
Heavy rain and high tides caused floodwaters to rise in northeast Japan, an area that was hit hard by the large earthquake and tsunami. Jeff Glor reports.
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Japan's earthquake, tsunami cleanup continues
Months after the devastating earthquake and tsunami, Japan is still struggling to clear the debris. Lucy Craft reports on the latest details in the country's cleanup effort.
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Japan nuke plant's tsunami plan was 1 page long
Newly disclosed document reveals nuclear officials ruled out chance of tsunami ever being powerful enough to knock plant offline
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Radiation threatens future of Fukushima farms
The threat of radiation contamination is causing skepticism about the safety of food produced in Japan. And, as Lucy Craft reports, Fukushima farmers are concerned for their future.
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Boss of Japan nuclear power company resigns
President of utility behind worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl steps down to bring "symbolic close"
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Japan nuke company's chief reportedly resigning
President of operator for tsunami-hit nuclear power plant stepping down because of crisis response, Japanese paper reports
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Japan may be world's biggest ship graveyard
Japanese officials estimate a decade of recovery as workers slowly sift through debris mountains for the 10,000 still missing
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Worker dies at damaged Fukushima nuclear plant
A contractor in his 60s collapses while working at Japan's damaged nuclear plant; no radiation found on him
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Japanese utility co. begins to shut down reactors
Chubu Electric Co. starts process of shutting down reqctors as part of agreement with government to do so until it strengthens tsunami pretections
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Japan reactor damage more extensive than believed
Workers face setback from leaks, exposed core, collecting radioactive water
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Alabama nuclear plant cited for safety lapses
Feds issue rare red finding against Browns Ferry nuclear power plant after emergency cooling system failure
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Japan evacuees briefly let back into nuke zone
Residents in protective gear are allowed to return to their homes to gather belongings
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Japan to scrap nuke energy expansion
Prime Minister Kan says country will increase renewable sources of energy like solar and wind, increase conservation
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Japanese towns flood daily after quake "sunk" land
Mostly devastated coastal communities now face regular flooding at high tide because of their lower elevation
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Japan nuke plant to shut down over quake fears
Concerns another mega-quake could strike within 30 years prompt operator to shutter plant west of Tokyo while sea wall is built
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Japan wants 3 nuclear reactors suspended
Prime minister urges increased safety measures to prevent another nuke accident
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Workers enter Japan nuke reactor for 1st time
Stricken plant's operator says crew will try to connect ventilation system to reduce radiation in damaged reactor
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Raw: Japan tsunami, new footage released
Raw footage previously unreleased of the March 11 tsunami hitting Sendai airport. The airport, tarmac, and runway were completely flooded.
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Asbestos, Japan tsunami's other hidden danger
Cancer-causing material found in the air and debris but threat overshadowed by contamination from nuclear plant
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Chernobyl's legacy stings workers 25 years later
On anniversary of world's worst nuclear accident, sickened cleanup workers blame leaders for slashed benefits, subpar hospital
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Japan disaster: How you can help
International relief agencies seek donations after massive earthquake, tsunami devastate parts of Japan
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Japan: Faces of the crisis
The Japanese are dealing with possible nuclear meltdowns in the wake of earthquakes and a tsunami that devastated the country
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U.S. relief crews in Japan
The U.S. military and members of elite search and rescue teams bring aid and relief support to quake-hit Japan
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Japan's nuclear crisis
Japan's quake-hit nuclear plant unleashes fear of a possible major meltdown
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Devastation in Japan
Scenes from the aftermath of the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami
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Google Person Finder
Google's crowdsourcing database for those seeking, providing information about people in Japan
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Japan earthquake: before and after
Gallery: Google, German Space Agency release stunning satellite footage of Japan quake's damage
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Vigils held for Japan
Gallery: Around the world people pause for those affected by the earthquake and tsunami
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Search and rescue in Japan
Gallery: Efforts to recover people affected by devastating earthquake, tsunami in northeast Japan amid widespread destruction
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Videos: 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan
The latest amateur videos from YouTube and other sources in the continuing coverage from the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that struck Japan
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Deadliest earthquakes
Gallery: A look at some of the deadliest earthquakes in the last 50 years
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How earthquakes are measured
Gallery: How numbers on the Richter scale translate into human and property casualties
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Humanitarian Early Warning Service
A service developed by the World Food Programme to collect early humanitarian warnings from various sources and to forecast natural hazards
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U.S. Geological Survey quake updates
Information on every recent significant earthquake around the globe
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Japan Fast Facts
An introduction to the nation of Japan
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