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19 Jul 2011 - 25 Jan 2021
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America's debt battle
VFW to vets: It's time to fight for benefits
Military and veterans' benefits may get reduced in America's deficit battle, prompting VFW to make a "call to action"
NC crowd loves Obama, but do they love his jobs plan?
How big will super committee go on spending cuts?
Erskine Bowles urges "super committee" to go big
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VFW to vets: It's time to fight for benefits
Military and veterans' benefits may get reduced in America's deficit battle, prompting VFW to make a "call to action"
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IRS: Cut our budget, feds lose billions
IRS commissioner warns Congress that proposed cuts to tax agency's budget would greatly worsen service and enforcement
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Debt "supercommittee" struggling to agree
Many tracking the progress of the congressional committee tackling the nation's debt have grown pessimistic about its prospects
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Budget cuts are slowing down U.S. courts
State courts are getting hit as legislators balance budgets, backing up court logs for months on end
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FEMA funding becoming a disaster
A federal government shutdown looms as lawmakers squabble over budget details, and FEMA may be broke by Wednesday
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How does the public feel about raising taxes?
Polls show most support raising taxes on those making more than $250k, but data reveals divisions between parties and among Republicans
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Can Obama stay angry until Election Day?
John Dickerson: Obama has been angry before, but he's never been able to stay angry; Will his latest economic plan be any different?
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GOP adviser: "Buffett tax" won't help jobless
Says Obama proposal also fails to deal with future growth of entitlement programs
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Rich taxed less than secretaries? Maybe not
AP Fact Check: President's claims about millionaires' taxes compared to middle class don't add up
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Deficits still go up big in Obama's deficit plan
Mark Knoller: Even if Obama's proposed cuts and tax hikes are enacted, the debt would still go up $6.3 trillion over 10 years
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Obama steals thunder from super committee
With Mr. Obama insisting he'll veto Medicare changes not accompanied by higher taxes on millionaires, can the deficit panel make a deal?
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Wall Street protests continue, several arrested
Anti-corporate protest organizers seek to channel Tahrir Square by camping out in New York's Financial District
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Obama draws battle line over $1.5T in tax hikes
President proposes slashing long-term deficit by $3 trillion, half through tax hikes on rich; GOP claim "class warfare"
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Obama's $3T deficit plan is half tax hikes
President's plan to cut deficit to include entitlement reform, war savings; Obama threatens veto of tax cuts for rich
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Obama won't call for Social Security cuts
Ahead of Obama's speech on deficit cutting recommendations, aide says he doesn't believe program is "driver" of near and medium term deficits
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NC crowd loves Obama, but do they love his jobs plan?
President Obama was in Raleigh Tuesday on the campus of North Carolina State University to continue to sell his jobs bill.
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How big will super committee go on spending cuts?
Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-Tx.), co-chair of the "super committee," sat down with CBS News Congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes Wednesday for a frank conversation on what cuts the committee can realistically make.
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Erskine Bowles urges "super committee" to go big
In an interview with CBS News Congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes, Erskine Bowles, co-chair of President Obama's National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, urged the "super committee" to "go big," and said the members he's spoken to agree.
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Boehner to Cordes: The bigger, the better for debt cmte
In a press conference Tuesday, CBS News Congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes asked Speaker Boehner "how big" the super committee should go with cuts to national debt.
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Obama to send $447B jobs bill to Congress
President will also continue public tour to drum up support in key campaign states
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Dems on debt supercommittee want to tackle jobs
Special panel charged with reducing debt to hold opening meeting; Democrats say job growth key to reining in deficit
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Debt supercommittee pols flush with health money
Health industry found to be top donors to most members of congressional panel charged with overhauling spending on programs like Medicare, Medicaid
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Unpopular and divided, Congress is back
With 87% disapproval rating, scorned lawmakers return to D.C., no closer to compromise on fixing jobs, debt
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Deficit "super committee" gets to work
With just a few months to come up with a plan for significant budget savings, the congressional deficit "super committee" is getting down to business
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CBO sees unemployment above 8 percent until 2014
Economy remains in a "severe slump," official scorekeeper for Congress says in a blog post
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National debt has increased $4T under Obama
Latest figures by Treasury Department show the most rapid increase in national debt under any U.S. president
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WH orders agencies to cut budgets at least 5%
Administration also instructs agency heads to propose ways to slash at least 10% of spending to fulfill debt-ceiling deal
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Bloomberg: Volatile markets not a problem
N.Y.C. mayor says economic turmoil is due to people unwilling to take risks; Promotes small businesses, immigrants as job creators
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Pope: Morals, ethics needed in fiscal policy
Pontiff decries profit-at-all-cost mentality he says is behind Europe's current economic crisis
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Los Angeles to Standard & Poor's: You're fired
City of Angels loses faith in ratings agency's judgment of its $7 billion general investment pool after portfolio downgraded to AA
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S&P; on the hot seat after U.S. credit downgrade
Is S&P;'s downgrade of U.S. debt a sign the influential ratings industry needs reform?
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Report: Feds probing S&P; over mortgage ratings
DOJ investigating Standard and Poor's over mortgage securities ratings, which added to 2008 financial meltdown, NYT reports
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Donald Trump: I'd be willing to pay higher taxes
In interview, Trump says he'd be fine with a tax hike - but Wall Street might not be
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Panetta keeps up fight against more defense cuts
Defense secretary continues campaign that deeper Pentagon cuts triggered by deficit-reduction failure would be "devastating"
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Fitch doesn't follow S&P;, maintains U.S. at AAA
Ratings agency calls outlook on U.S. ratings stable a week after Standard & Poor's downgrades American debt; Fitch to revisit rating near year's end
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Warren Buffett wants to pay higher taxes
Oracle of Omaha urges new super committee in Congress to raise taxes on richest 0.3 percent of Americans
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Market rises Fri., ending manic week nearly even
The Dow and S&P; notched consecutive days of gains for the first time in more than a month; Down down less than 200 for the week
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Overseas markets show signs of recovery
After a volatile week of trading, overseas stocks shot higher in early trading. Betty Nguyen reports.
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Report: SEC asks S&P; for info on downgrade
FT says financial watchdog wants to know who knew about downgrade before it was official in hunt for potential insider trading
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Dow ends up over 400 points
The volatile stock market has now changed direction eight times in eight days. This time the Dow is up more than 400 points. Rebecca Jarvis explains what's behind the giant swings.
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Wall Street's wild week continues as Dow soars
Dow Jones shoots up 423 points on small but positive economic signs; First time ever Dow has had four straight 400-point days
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Report: 23 polls show support for tax hikes
A roundup of 23 polls indicate that Americans consistently support the inclusion of tax increases - not just spending cuts - in deficit reduction plans
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Pelosi reveals "super committee" picks
Reps. Van Hollen, Becerra and Clyburn tapped to serve on the congressional "super committee" tasked with reducing the deficit
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Report: Romney touted tax increases to S&P;
GOP presidential candidate used revenue hikes to push for Massachusetts credit rating upgrade while governor, according to report
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Woman flies banner to show outrage to Congress
A 51-year-old Mo. woman was so angry about the historic U.S. credit downgrade, she spent $895 to hire an airplane to fly around New York City pulling a banner that read, "Thanks for the downgrade. You should all be fired!" Rebecca Jarvis talks Lucy Nobbe about why she decided to share her message in such a public way.
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Steve Forbes: The Fed's "trashing the US dollar"
Businessman rails against the Federal Reserve's policies on CBS' "The Early Show," predicts U.S. will revert to linking dollar to gold
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Steve Forbes on debt, the dollar and the Dow
Rebecca Jarvis talks to Steve Forbes, Chairman and Editor in Chief of Forbes Media and former Republican Presidential candidate about what it will take to fix the economy.
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Wall Street whiplash
The stock market continues its roller coaster ride, this time, plunging more than 500 points. Jeff Glor reports from the New York Stock Exchange and talks to Wall Street veteran Art Cashin, of UBS Financial Services, for his perspective on the crisis.
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Are we slipping into a 2nd recession?
Scott Pelley asks to Mohammed el-Alarian, the co-chief executive officer of treasury bonds giant Pimco, about the possibility of the U.S. slipping into a second recession - what is causing it and what can be done to stop it.
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Dow loses all gains - again
Investor fears over the U.S. heading into another recession and the threat of a European banking crisis sent the Dow dropping more than 500 points. Rebecca Jarvis reports on what's behind the stock market's wild swings.
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Facts about the debt takes a look back at 70 years of debt, spending and default in the U.S. budget
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War of words over the debt
A rundown of the jabs and counter-punches between Democrats and Republicans over the battle to raise the debt limit
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The debt limit fight: A primer explains the issues, motivations and politics at play in the high-stakes battle over raising the nation's debt limit
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