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16 October 2011
Maspero: State Incitement of Sectarian Violence and Policy of Extrajudicial Killings
The undersigned organizations condemn the unprecedented extra-judicial killings and acts of violence committed by military police and central security forces, on the 9th of October in the Maspero area and central Cairo. Peaceful protesters demanding rights for Coptic citizens were attacked, leading to at least 25 deaths and 300 injuries, some critical.

20 September 2011
The Mubarak Regime Persists

13 September 2011
Silence Is Not an Option! Syrians Cannot Afford to Wait!

12 September 2011
EIPR Submits New Complaint against Ongoing Police Intimidation of those Injured in the Revolution

29 July 2011
World Hepatitis Day: Access to Information on the Quality, Safety and Efficacy of the "Egyptian Interferon" is a right to every HCV Patient in Egypt
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The Egyptian Interferon: A Scientific Debate and Necessary Regulations that need to be Issued

Law Combating Trafficking in Persons: A Welcome Step that Requires Careful Implementation

Two Years of Sectarian Violence: What happened? Where do we begin? An Analytical Study of Jan 2008 -Jan 2010
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Reports and Studies
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