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Basra Governor discusses with Pakistan Commercial Attaché means to develop mutual relations
01/11/2011 19:56:00
Basra (NINA) – The Governor of Basra, Khalaf Abdul Samad, discussed on Tuesday, Nov. 1, with the Pakestani Commercial Attache to Iraq, Hassan Mohammed al-Askari, means to develop bilateral relations. In a statement to NINA, Governor Abdul Samad sa   ... more>>
Minister of Communications: the fourth license for mobile phones to be discussed in the cabinet after the Eid break
01/11/2011 17:10:00
Baghdad (NINA) - Communications Minister, Mohammed Allawi, told NINA correspondent today that "the fourth license for the mobile phones is now in the Cabinet, and I expect that in a week or two, it will be discussed and a decision is going to be adop   ... more>>
Baghdad International Fair start of 38th session .
01/11/2011 13:08:00
Baghdad / NINA /-- Prime minister Nuri al-Maliki opened today the 38th session of the Baghdad International Fair. 17 countries participate in this session counting Syria, Iran, Jordan, Turkey , the Czech Republic, the Netherlands the United States   ... more>>
Labour Minister discuss with the Japanese charge d'affaires bilateral cooperation.
01/11/2011 12:52:00
Baghdad / NINA/--Labour and Social Affairs Minister , Nassar al-Rubaie, discussed with the Japanese Minister in Baghdad, Ken Mukaúa means to develop bilateral cooperation. Rubaie reiterated during the meeting according to his Information b   ... more>>
Shaways discusses cooperation aspects with World Bank delegation 31/10/2011 19:34:00
Barham Saleh: We look to consolidate trade, economic cooperation with France 31/10/2011 18:56:00
Shahristani, to discuss with the French Minister of Trade and means to develop bilateral economic relations . 31/10/2011 14:14:00
Maliki stresses the need to find legal frame to the success of the investment process in the country 30/10/2011 16:42:00
Water resources Minister, Iranian ambassador discuss joint water issues 29/10/2011 17:09:00
Expert: poverty line in Basra 33%, despite that its oil reserves exceed Qatar’s, Algeria’s, and Nigeria’s combined 29/10/2011 16:14:00
US ambassador: our companies ready to build power plants in installment payment if financial guarantees provided 26/10/2011 17:20:00
MP : approval of 2012 budget depend on allocated budget to build Faw sea-port. 25/10/2011 11:40:00
MP, demands not to refer the project of Faw port construction to a new investor to avoid wasting more time. 24/10/2011 09:07:00
MP , warns of a bad specifications fuel product in in Maysan province. 24/10/2011 08:11:00
Minister of Communications discusses the nature of Chinese companies’ work in Iraq with the Chinese Charge d'Affaires 20/10/2011 14:42:00
Minister of Industry discusses with the Romanian ambassador possibility of signing mutual cooperation agreement 20/10/2011 14:28:00
Electricity Minister discusses with U.S. deputy ambassador cooperation in the field of energy. 19/10/2011 10:37:00
Shaways meets Indian investment delegation, briefs it on the investment environment in Iraq 17/10/2011 17:23:00
Baghdad Governor, Council Chairman discuss with Indian firms possibilities of participating in Baghdad’s reconstruction 16/10/2011 21:40:00
Land Transportation Company discusses renewing fleet with Dutch company 16/10/2011 13:30:00
Shahristani calls on Indian companies to invest in low cost housing16/10/2011 13:20:00
Oil Ministry reveals E U and other countries desire to import gas from Iraq . 15/10/2011 10:15:00
Maliki, Jordan’s Trade Minister agree to conclude MOU 13/10/2011 22:10:00
Spanish companies discuss with Basra PC investment opportunities in Electricity domain 12/10/2011 18:04:00
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02/11/2011 00:14:00
7 Wanted captured south Tikrit
01/11/2011 23:41:00
Sahwa element killed, another wounded north Tikrit
01/11/2011 21:15:00
Iraqiya bloc in Diyala give central government 3-days ultimatum to implement its demands or it will declare the province a region
01/11/2011 20:55:00
Yawar asserts no American forces remain in Kurdistan region after withdrawal at end of the year
01/11/2011 20:19:00
Sadrist law maker urges for patience in declaring regions until after American withdrawal
01/11/2011 20:13:00
Turkish war planes violate Iraq’s air space in Kurdistan region
01/11/2011 19:56:00
Basra Governor discusses with Pakistan Commercial Attaché means to develop mutual relations
01/11/2011 19:47:00
Locally made rocket, mortar shells uncovered east Mosul
01/11/2011 17:11:00
Oil leak north of Basra threatens a contamination of drinking water
01/11/2011 17:10:00
Minister of Communications: the fourth license for mobile phones to be discussed in the cabinet after the Eid break
01/11/2011 16:34:00
Nineveh Intelligence Chief survives assassination attempt
01/11/2011 15:52:00
Hashimi meets Christian delegation, says: the Islamic identity of Iraq does not eliminate its pluralism
01/11/2011 15:51:00
Jubouri: Talabani's intention to submit a law to adjust the administrative borders of the disputed areas would create new problems
01/11/2011 15:33:00
Demonstration western Baiji in protest against announcing Salahuddine a region
01/11/2011 15:32:00
Families of Nineveh police martyrs demonstrate demanding their sons’ salaries
01/11/2011 14:53:00
Christians of Kirkuk hold a Mass in memory of Church of Sayidat Al Najat incident
01/11/2011 14:45:00
Hajj Mission opens Iraqi Consulate in Mecca
01/11/2011 14:44:00
Najaf police arrests member of former regime after returning from Libya
01/11/2011 14:33:00
Baghdad’s Governor calls for Parliament to legislate a law changing agricultural land in the capital to residential.
01/11/2011 13:29:00
MP: describes Isnad councils as illegal .
01/11/2011 13:20:00
Gunman killed in a roadside bomb explosion south of Mosul.
01/11/2011 13:08:00
Baghdad International Fair start of 38th session .
01/11/2011 12:52:00
Labour Minister discuss with the Japanese charge d'affaires bilateral cooperation.
01/11/2011 12:51:00
MP : time is not appropriate of Kurds demand to adopt former administrative border of Iraqi provinces
01/11/2011 11:59:00
Two civilian killed and one Iraqi soldier wounded in the western Anbar.
31/10/2011 23:08:00
Police patrol attacked northern Babil
31/10/2011 22:40:00
Foreign Minister discusses with French Secretary of State for Foreign Trade means to consolidate cooperation between both countries
31/10/2011 22:08:00
20 Wanted captured in Diyala
31/10/2011 22:04:00
Sahwa element killed in Baquba
31/10/2011 21:59:00
3 Civilians wounded in Jalawla
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