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Terms of Use of BBC Online Services - Help and FAQ
Terms of Use of BBC Online Services
Terms of Use of BBC Online Services - Frequently Asked Questions
1. What does "BBC Online Services" mean?
"BBC Online Services" is the phrase we use to describe BBC services that include the BBC website, BBC iPlayer, BBC Applications, BBC Embedded Media Player, BBC Podcasts and BBC RSS Feeds.
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2. What access do I have to BBC Online Services from outside the UK?
You may not access or use certain parts of BBC Content (such as video or live television services) using BBC Online Services if you are located outside the UK, although you may, in accordance with the Terms, access and view bbc.co.uk or other websites and listen to some (but not all) BBC radio and video content.
You may also find the following FAQ from the BBC Help pages useful:
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3. How do I contact the BBC if I have questions, comments or enquiries?
If you have any questions about the Terms or your use of BBC Online Services then you may find the answer in these FAQ or through the BBC Help page. If you can't find the answer there, or if you have any comments or complaints about BBC Online Services, you can contact the BBC.
If you think that BBC Content and/or any BBC Online Service should not be appearing on a website, blog or service then please contact us using the following links:
4. How can I find out more about TV licensing and when a TV licence is required?
You need to be covered by a valid TV Licence if you watch or record TV as it's being broadcast. This includes the use of devices such as a computer, laptop, mobile phone or DVD/video recorder.
Further information is available on the TV licensing website at: www.tvlicensing.co.uk/check-if-you-need-one​.
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5. How can I contribute content to the BBC Online Services?
Section 5 of the terms of use for BBC Online Services for Personal Use outlines how we handle any contributions you make to BBC Online Services​.
For more information please see also FAQ about User Generated Content. This includes topics such as rights to your work when you submit it to the BBC, reasons why the BBC might contact you about a contribution and sharing content via non-BBC websites such as YouTube or Flickr.
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6. What is BBC iD and how do I get a BBC iD?
BBC iD is the new sign in system used across the BBC. It's already in use on new BBC sites and services such as the BBC iPlayer message board and is currently being rolled out across all other services that require a user to register or sign in.
For further information about BBC iD please visit the BBC iD help pages.
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7. How can I use messageboards on the BBC Online Services?
Section 5 of the terms of use for BBC Online Services for Personal Use outlines how you can make contributions to services such as Messageboards on the BBC's Online Services​.
Full guidance on the use of messageboards​.
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8. How can educational establishments use BBC Online Services (including BBC iPlayer)?
Under the Business Terms of Use, educational establishments, along with other non-personal users, cannot generally use BBC Online Services except as permitted under the Additional Terms for such BBC Online Services​.
However if they have taken out a licence with the Educational Recording Agency ("ERA") schools, colleges, universities and other educational establishments CAN record and access recordings of BBC Content for educational purposes under the terms of that ERA licence.
More information about ERA licensing and the benefits of the ERA Plus Licence can be found at the ERA website.
Educational Establishments can also obtain a copy of a recording of a previous broadcast from BBC Active for use under an ERA licence if it was unable to record the broadcast itself. More information about how to obtain such copies can be found at the BBC Active website.
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9. What can I do with BBC Content without infringing copyright law?
Under copyright law there are some circumstances when use of BBC Content may be permitted. Learn more about how to get the most out of the BBC Online Services​.
See also Can I reuse or reproduce images from BBC Online?
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10. What rights am I granted by the BBC if I am a personal user?
If you comply with the terms of use and any applicable Additional Terms and are using the BBC's 0nline Services for personal and non-business use you may access, view and/or listen to the BBC's Content through the BBC's Online Services.
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11. What rights am I granted by the BBC if I am a business user?
A business user cannot use BBC Online Services to access BBC content unless otherwise expressly stated in the Additional Terms for a particular BBC Online Service.
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12. What parental guidance is available?
The BBC has developed a Parental Guidance Lock as a safeguard to help you control which BBC programmes you and your family can play on your computer. If you've enabled Parental Guidance Lock your computer won't be able to play Guidance-labelled programmes unless you first type in a password.
Further information about the Parental Guidance Lock.
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13. Where can I find out more about BBC iPlayer?
Please see the BBC iPlayer help which contains information about BBC iPlayer and answers to the most frequently asked questions about the service.
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14. Where can I find out more about BBC Podcasts?
Please see the BBC Podcasts site and the BBC Podcasts Help for further information about this service.
You can also find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Podcasts on BBC Help.
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