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01 Nov 2011 - 29 Aug 2021
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Past Events
The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade

Event Date:
November 7, 2011
The Open Society Foundations hosted a New York launch of The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade with author and former Open Society Fellow Andrew Feinstein.
In this discussion, Feinstein and two other experts on weapons sales provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the worldwide arms bazaar and trace its corrosive effect on democracy and the rule of law. The deadly collusion among politicians, weapons makers, arms dealers, and the military are examined, as well as the trial of notorious arms merchant Victor Bout and the prospects for a new arms trade treaty.
  • Andrew Feinstein, author, The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade, and former Open Society Fellow
  • Kathi Austin, executive director of Conflict Awareness Project
  • Jeff Abramson, coordinator of the Control Arms Secretariat
Stephen Hubbell, senior public affairs officer for the Open Society Fellowship, introduces the event.
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The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade (Washington, D.C., Event)
OSI-Washington, D.C.
November 9, 2011
Author Andrew Feinstein discusses the corrupt world of arms trading and his new book, The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade.
Andrew Feinstein on the Arms Trade and Corruption
Steve Hubbell
March 11, 2010
Open Society Fellow and former ANC Member of Parliament Andrew Feinstein talks about why the arms trade is particularly susceptible to corruption and in turn to the corruption of governments.
Sins of Commission: The Arms Trade and Its Impact on Accountable Democracy
OSI-New York
March 8, 2010
Open Society Fellow and former ANC member of parliament Andrew Feinstein discusses his investigation of a corrupt weapons deal involving senior members of government a decade ago, an episode that was a moral turning point for South Africa’s young democracy and led to his resignation.
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