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28 Nov 2010 - 09 Oct 2021
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Saturday, 26 November 2011
Cairo 20-11
Pro-govt protesters make their presence felt during Tahrir million man march
In a rare sign of Tahrir Square opposition, Egypt's so-called 'silent majority' make their presence felt in a nearby Cairo district to support the ruling military  
Egypt Revolution Relaunched: Live updates of 'Martyrs' Friday'
Kamal El-Ganzouri returns to premiership, tasked with forming new govt
Tahrir protesters mull blogger's presidential council initiative
Kamal El-Ganzouri: Egypt's two-time PM
A brief look at the political career of Egypt's two-time premier, Kamal El-Ganzouri, appointed on Friday to replace outgoing PM Essam Sharaf

Tahrir protesters mull blogger's presidential council initiative
Revolutionary groups debate proposal by Malek Mostafa calling for presidential council made up of presidential contenders and reform-minded judges

Houses of God turn to field clinics in Tahrir's ongoing revolution
Amid the barrage of tear gas, bullets and buckshot targeting Tahrir's revolutionaries, a story of tolerance and unity ‎unfolds in a mosque and church now turned field hospitals

Activists propose ElBaradei, among others, for national salvation govt
As consensus grows that the ruling military council has to hand over power, activists suggest names of renowned politicians from liberals to Islamists to take the lead in transitional period

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Gassing the revolution: The US origins of Tahrir's tears
The liberal use of US-manufactured tear gas on protesters in recent days has raised questions about its public health effects - and who is actually ordering its use

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