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19 Apr 2011 - 25 Aug 2011
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Thursday, 25 August 2011
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Mubarak transfer to Cairo hospital delayed due to interrogation
Ousted president Mubarak is being questioned by the South Sinai prosecution and is expected to leave Sharm El Sheikh this evening to the International Medical Centre
Dalia Farouq, Wednesday 13 Apr 2011

Former president Mubarak’s departure from Sharm El Sheikh is delayed due to questioning.
The ousted president is being questioned by Abdallah El-Shazli, the Attorney General of the South Sinai prosecution team, about the attacks on protesters in Tahrir Square.
The source added that Mubarak is expected to leave Sharm El Sheikh this evening with his wife, Suzanne Thabet and head to the International Medical Centre on Ismalia Dessert Road. The former president suffered a minor heart attack yesterday while being questioned and was transferred to the Sharm El Sheikh International Hospital.
An eyewitness in Sharm El Sheikh said that media reports about mass protests in front of the hospital are inaccurate, pointing out that there are no more than 30 protesters in front of the hospital.

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