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28 Nov 2010 - 11 Oct 2021
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Wednesday, 23 November 2011
Cairo 21-12
Tahrir Square tense as numbers swell, revolutionaries articulate demands
Protesters, security forces maintain tense standoff as political forces brace for ‎tomorrow's million-man march  
April 6: SCAF is now 'wearing Mubarak’s mask'
Video: Police violently attempts to break up sit-in Sunday
Revolutionaries recapture Tahrir Square in a 'replay' of January uprising
Egyptian Current Party loses member after clashes
Death count in Tahrir protests rises to 33: Reuters
Sharaf discusses latest crisis with military council
Sharaf government resigns, military council yet to accept offer
SCAF says public prosecution to investigate Maspero, Tahrir clashes
Egypt’s ruling military council says the general, rather than the military, prosecutor will carry out investigations into the ‎Maspero and Tahrir clashes

Revolution Redux: A first-hand account of police brutality
Ahram Online journalist's personal account of police heavy-handedness on the day that Egypt's Tahrir Square uprising resumed in earnest

National salvation protests gain momentum, mobilising hundreds of thousands across Egypt
After three days of deadly police attacks on protesters in Tahrir, hundreds of thousands descend onto the streets to rid themselves of the ruling military and install a 'national salvation' government

Breaking News: Tantawi to address the nation says state TV

Sabahi campaign on hold in wake of Tahrir protests
Presidential hopeful Hamdeen Sabahi calls for a national salvation government, places his campaign on hold in solidarity with Tahrir protests

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Breaking: Field Marshal Tantawi minutes away from delivering first speech to nation on turmoilBreaking: Army Captain Ahmed Shoman joins Tahrir, says SCAF should not be above peopleFighting intensifies around Tahrir Square as thousands gather for million-man march SCAF would rather keep Sharaf’s govt:v OfficialOfficers Against Corruption group calls for new police leadership Reports: Egypt's military is considering ElBaradei to replace PM Sharaf, who resignedSharaf government resigns, military council yet to accept offerEgypt rises up in outrage over Tahrir police brutality