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Wednesday, 23 November 2011
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Co-citizenship and economic national security
Taha Abdel Alim

Achieving a state of all of its citizens means securing economic and social justice within the context of the high-paced competitive environment of contemporary globalisation

What to do with Syria
Abdel Moneim Said

Arab consensus might force a global rejection of the rogue regime

Elections, or no elections -- that is the question
Mona Anis

Both the Islamists and the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces are positioning themselves in the run-up to this month’s legislative elections

What is suspect about Egyptians abroad?
Samer Soliman

The March constitutional amendments blocked dual national Egyptians from running for the presidency, while it is in doubt if Egyptians abroad can vote. Why?

Getting Libya back on its feet
Lisa Anderson

Above all, Libya and its new leaders need to establish rule of law, to rebuild trust fractured across years of tyranny and terror

Peace treaty in times of revolution
Abdel Moneim Said

While it might have appeared that the Egyptian-Israeli peace was at risk following the January Revolution, all indications are that it remains robust

We never used to have sectarian tension
Youssef Rakha

The Arab mistake: Basing foreign policy on religion
Emad Gad

The issue of Palestine must once again be one of the homeland as a whole, not one of religious sites, as some want to paint the conflict


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