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World - Region
Palestinian journalist gets jail term for President Abbas insult
3/28/2013 10:29:40 PM
West Bank court sentences local journalist to one year in prison for posting picture on Facebook seen as insulting to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas
Business - Economy
Mubarak's oil minister freed after 23 months in jail
3/28/2013 1:36:11 PM
Egyptian former oil minister Sameh Fahmy has been released from jail pending retrial
World - International
War crimes court jails Bosnian Serb ex-officials for 22 years
3/27/2013 7:34:11 PM
International Criminal Tribunal of the former Yugoslavia jails two former Bosnian Serb officials for war crimes against non-Serbs in municipalities and detention centers during war which left 100,000 dead
World - Region
'Mossad spy' spilled secrets to Hezbollah: report
3/24/2013 5:20:14 PM
Der Spiegel magazine reports that a man, identified by media as an Australian-Israeli Mossad agent and found hanged in a Tel Aviv jail, had passed secrets to Hezbollah before his death
World - Region
Turkey hails jailed PKK leader's ceasefire call, questions remain
3/22/2013 2:13:43 PM
Ankara praises the call of the PKK's jailed leader Abdullah Ocalan for a ceasefire to the thirty-year conflict
World - Region
Kurdish militant leader calls on fighters to leave Turkey
3/21/2013 2:44:48 PM
Let guns be silenced and politics dominate, says jailed Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan
World - Region
Saudi prince jailed in Britain for murder flies home
3/20/2013 9:26:09 PM
Grandson of Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah, Prince Saud bin Abdulaziz Bin Nas,to continue jail term back home for sexual abuse and murdering of male servant in London
World - Region
UAE jailed Islamists formed 'state within state': Witness
3/19/2013 5:15:14 PM
Jailed Islamists accused of being part of a secret organisation linked to international network of Muslim Brotherhood
World - Region
Jailed PKK leader confirms ceasefire call on Thursday
3/18/2013 5:10:35 PM
Jailed PKK chief promises to call for a ceasefire with Turkey
Egypt - Politics
Egypt's pope negotiates for release of Copts in Libyan jail
3/17/2013 2:58:51 PM
Egypt - Politics
Giza governor sentenced to month in jail
3/14/2013 3:16:07 PM
Governor of Giza and leader of local city council sentenced to one month in jail and removed from jobs after being found guilty of financial mismanagement
World - International
Indians question how rape accused was able to commit suicide in jail
3/14/2013 10:29:28 AM
Following suicide death in jail of alleged ringleader in case of gang rape and murder which horrified India in December, questions arise over the validity of his cause of death
World - International
Main accused in Delhi gang-rape found dead in cell
3/11/2013 9:16:14 AM
Police say the jailed main accused in the fatal gang-rape of a student on a bus in New Delhi hanged himself; while his family and lawyer claim it is a murder
World - Region
Rights group slams Saudi for jailing tweeting activists
3/10/2013 10:29:33 AM
Two Saudi activists face heavy jail sentences following accusations of using Twitter 'to denounce various aspects of political and social life' in the ultra-conservative kingdom
World - Region
Saudi rights activists given heavy jail terms
3/9/2013 2:29:25 PM
A Saudi court on Saturday dissolved a human rights group and handed down heavy jail terms to two of its members
World - International
Italy's Berlusconi sentenced to year in jail over wiretap leaks
3/7/2013 6:35:21 PM
Berlusconi is sentenced to a year in prison over the publication of leaked transcripts from a police wiretap; the former Italian PM can appeal the conviction which would suspend the sentence under Italian law
World - International
Australia confirms 'Prisoner X' worked for Israel
3/6/2013 2:09:32 PM
Case of 'Prisoner X' who was found hanged in a Tel Aviv jail cell in 2010 has provoked international speculation
World - Region
No peace without freedom for Palestinian political prisoners: Abbas
3/1/2013 1:50:30 PM
Without freedom for Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jail there can be no 'peace or stability', says Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas
World - Region
Morocco jails protesters over Marrakesh clashes
2/28/2013 9:31:01 AM
Almost six people were jailed up to two years in Morocco on accusations of forming an 'armed mob, damage and destruction to public buildings'
World - International
Nobel laureates urge China to release Liu Xiaobo
2/27/2013 10:41:58 AM
At least 130 states call China to release Liu Xiaobo, a Nobel laureate who was jailed in 2009 on subversion charges
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