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2 December 2011 Last updated at 09:56 ET
Lost Rembrandt portrait revealed
An unfinished self-portrait by the Dutch master Rembrandt has been discovered under another painting using advanced scientific techniques.
Climate push from poorest nations
Countries most vulnerable to climate impacts ask that talks on a new climate deal covering all countries begin now, putting them on a collision course with giants such as China and India.
Canada makes Kyoto climate strikeBig emitters aim at climate delay
New elements' names are unveiled
Scientists suggest Flerovium and Livermorium as names for the newest additions to the periodic table.
Periodic table gets a new element
New elements for periodic table
Carbon cuts strategy 'on track'
The UK's energy secretary insists plans to cut carbon emissions are on track after the chancellor voiced concerns over environmental regulations.
Sellafield waste reactor proposal
The energy company GE Hitachi is proposing to build a reactor at Sellafield in Cumbria to convert the UK's waste plutonium stockpile.
Dry months raise drought concern
Lawrence case science challenged
RSPB alarm at birds rules review
The greatest light show on Earth
Liquid-living worms survive space
Protests halt Peru mine project
Also in the News
Toads 'smell pending earthquakes'
Spy centre seeking codebreakers
Other Science Stories
3D printer helps grow new bones
Robot can squeeze under obstacles
Science lesson plans 'rejected'
UK space radar project initiated
Stradivarius violin 'replicated'
Chancellor gives £200m to science
Other Environment Stories
Warm blast hits UN climate summit
Public identify whale 'dialects'
Winter vomit virus 'in oysters'
Monkeys join chorus to show off
Germany clears nuclear protesters
Ecuador's women farmers reap joint rewards
Our Experts
Jonathan Amos
Science correspondent
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MSL - the biggest and best Mars mission
17:09 UK time, Thursday, 24 November 2011
The scale of Nasa's new Mars rover dwarfs all previous roving missions to the surface of the Red Planet.
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Richard Black
Environment correspondent
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@BBCRBlack via Twitter
European Commission bids for jobs, sustainability and localism in #Fisheries Fund reform proposal http://t.co/6yHDTQBt
Special Reports
From BBC Science: 23 Degrees
Filming the weather of Earth for a full orbit
Nature news
'No way of telling' weasel numbers
Marina Pacheco of the Mammal Society says mustelids "could be going extinct without us knowing" or "could be thriving"
Kent coast invasion by sea squirt
Woods 'need quality not quantity'
From BBC Science & Environment
Frogs and toads
The most diverse and widespread group of amphibians
Our perilous journey
Sam Neill charts the Earth's dangerous journey through the galaxy
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Environment Agency
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The Royal Institution
UK Space Agency
EC - Research
National Science Foundation
Drought warning for England
Icelandic volcano flood warning
South Korea's drive for green energy
Features & Analysis
Diary from the deep
Inside an expedition to the unexplored regions of the sea BBC NATURE
'Moment of truth'
Key chapter looms for the elusive Higgs boson particle
Ready to rumble?
New Icelandic volcano eruption could have global impact
Muck masters
How Nepal is exporting its skills in producing biogas
'Decisive moment'
Funding cuts threaten the fight against HIV
Knives out
Do religions have a right to kill conscious animals?
Elsewhere on the BBC
Right move
Why new mapping websites give you more than just the correct directions
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From Science and Environment in the last week
Dry months raise drought concern
Liquid living worms survive space
Robot can squeeze under obstacles
Giant Nasa rover launches to Mars
Giant Nasa rover launches to Mars
Exchanges At The Frontier
AC Grayling and a public audience test the world's leading scientists over the meaning of their work
The Forum
Bridget Kendall presents a discussion show where prominent international thinkers debate ideas
Exploring Antarctica's subglacial lakes for lifeforms new to science.
Science In Action
As the climate warms, greenhouse gases could be released from thawing permafrost
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