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Sarkozy calls for 'refounding of Europe'
French President says he and German Chancellor Angela Merkel will push for treaty changes to protect the euro.
Last Modified: 01 Dec 2011 19:49 GMT
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ECB head warns of risks
Greek bailout plan 'reached'
EU minister mull bailout fund
Stocks slip over Euro fears
EU approves new sanctions on Iran
European foreign ministers increase economic pressure as Tehran frees some of the UK embassy attackers.
Last Modified: 01 Dec 2011 15:28 GMT
EU tightens sanctions on Syria
Bans in energy and financial sectors come as Damascus responds by suspending participation in the Mediterranean Union.
Last Modified: 01 Dec 2011 15:51 GMT
Huge public-sector strike hits the UK
Many schools and hospitals closed as workers take to the streets in protest against changes to their pensions.
Last Modified: 30 Nov 2011 20:49 GMT
German court backs ban on school prayer
Muslim student not entitled to perform prayer during school as act had created "very severe conflicts," court rules.
Last Modified: 30 Nov 2011 19:04 GMT
Belarus metro bombers sentenced to death
Pair face execution for one of country's deadliest attacks in Minsk underground, but activists call trial a farce.
Last Modified: 30 Nov 2011 21:07 GMT
Armed man killed after Istanbul shooting
"Libyan man" said to have wounded soldier and security guard inside historic palace in Turkish city before losing life.
Last Modified: 30 Nov 2011 14:27 GMT
Eurozone leaders agree to fund Greek bailout
EU finance ministers agree to release $7.7bn in pledged funds after Greece proved that it met all necessary conditions.
Last Modified: 29 Nov 2011 22:10 GMT
Norwegian killer Breivik declared insane
Court-appointed psychiatrists conclude Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people in July, is mentally unsound.
Last Modified: 29 Nov 2011 20:13 GMT
Stalin's only daughter dies in US of cancer
Lana Peters, who denounced communism and defected to the US, led a tumultuous life worthy of a novel.
Last Modified: 29 Nov 2011 20:33 GMT
Putin accepts party's presidency nomination
Foreign powers accused of funding political opponents of Russian PM seeking a return to his old job.
Last Modified: 27 Nov 2011 14:12 GMT
Al Jazeera World 30 Nov 2011 16:17 GMT

What challenges have generations of Muslim immigrants in France been facing to retain their cultural identity?
Counting the Cost 26 Nov 2011 13:43 GMT

A look at Hungary's trip to the IMF, Armenia's export woes, and how the eurozone crisis prompted them both.
Spain's boom to bust
On Inside Story
Italy's media overhaul?
On Listening Post
Cycle City
On Earthrise
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OECD reduces global growth forecast
International economic organisation predicts eurozone and UK could be entering a recession.

Eviction notices haunt the dead in Spain
Families in recession-hit nation told to renew burial leases or have the remains of the dead moved from a cemetery.

Irish 'ghost estates' belie upbeat statistics
Real-life examples such as abandoned property developments contradict figures suggesting a stable economy.

Portugal heads for strike over budget cuts
Many public services and transit systems expected to be shut as workers protest against austerity measures.

'Fuel poverty' surges in UK on rising prices
Growing numbers of Britons are struggling to pay their fuel bills as energy companies hike costs.

Debt crisis tops agenda in Spanish elections
As Spaniards head to the polls on Sunday, whoever wins as prime minister will face severe economic challenges.

Defections latest blow for Bolshoi ballet
Two stars of Russia's legendary dance company join competing theatre, citing creative restrictions.

Italy's new government sworn in
Mario Monti announces cabinet of bankers, diplomats and businessmen - but no politicians.
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