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Eligible Students Accepting the 2012-2013 Premier Plan During Their Eligible Open Enrollment Period

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Important Acceptance Information
You are responsible for understanding your Plan Eligibility and health Benefits. Carefully read the enrollment and benefit details, including the Exclusions and Limitations in the Premier Plan Description of Benefits, Policy #2012-32-1, before making an enrollment decision.
Prompt submission of an acceptance election will help to ensure that your name is sent to the insurance carrier early in the term, which enables your medical and prescription benefits to be activated early. If an acceptance election is not received, submission of your name to the insurance carrier will be delayed, but your applicable effective date will remain unchanged.
To have continual access to prescription medication, you must have refills available and you must accept the Premier Plan at least 15 days before the effective date of the new Plan Year.
Prorated refunds are not granted. If you expect to enroll in other coverage in mid-year, consider waiving the Premier Plan during Open Enrollment by purchasing other coverage to bridge your gap in coverage.
To accept the Premier Plan, click the "Quick Link to Accept" button at the bottom of the vertical menu to the left of this page.