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5 December 2011 Last updated at 09:47 ET
Iraq attacks target Shia pilgrims
At least 25 people have been killed in a series of bomb attacks in central Iraq targeting Shia pilgrims marking the festival of Ashura, officials say.
What is Ashura?
What next for Iraq?
Egyptians vote in run-off polls
Egyptians have been voting in run-off polls resulting from the first round of parliamentary elections, with Islamist parties trying to extend their lead.
Egypt announces 62% poll turnout
Bizarre party symbols
Voters face baffling array of candidates
Egyptian views on poll
Syria 'to sign Arab League deal'
Syria responds "positively" to an Arab League initiative aimed at ending eight months of deadly unrest, according to its foreign ministry spokesman.
Why Turkey is cautious
How League embraced revolution
Iranians claim to down US drone
Clinton: Israel democracy concern
Blast near UK embassy in Bahrain
France reduces Iran embassy staff
Clashes hit Yemen's second city
UN passes tough Syria resolution
Egypt announces 62% poll turnout
Syria 'bans iPhones' amid unrest
US uproar over Israeli expat ads
Saudi cleric in virginity warning
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Arab uprising
Special coverage from across the rapidly changing region
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Libya crisis
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From BBC Arabic
ناطق سوري: دمشق "ردت ايجابيا" على ارسال مراقبين اليها
الانتخابات المصرية : اقبال ضعيف في جولة الاعادة للمرحلة الاولى
قتلى وجرحى بانفجار في الحلة وسط العراق
فرنسا وألمانيا تدعوان إلى إعادة النظر بالمعاهدة الناظمة لمنطقة اليورو
اليمن: انباء عن انسحاب القوات الحكومة ومسلحي المعارضة من تعز
رئيس ساحل العاج السابق يظهر لاول مرة امام المحكمة الجنائية الدولية
From BBC Persian
تاکید آمریکا و آلمان بر ادامه حمایت‌ها از افغانستان
اعتصاب غذای رضا شهابی وارد چهاردهمین روز شد
روسیه سطح روابط خود با قطر را کاهش داد
چین نگران ناآرامی های اجتماعی است
سوریه آماده 'پذیرش مشروط' طرح صلح اتحادیه عرب شد
حزب حاکم روسیه با اکثریت ناچیزی در انتخابات پارلمانی پیروز شد
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Muslims mourn to modern tunes in Iran
China's growing role in UAE
Iraq PM: Bomb aimed to kill me
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Solar Sahara
Can desert sun provide Europe with clean energy?
Five fictions
Common misconceptions about the Arab Spring
Handbag revolutionaries
The ammunition smugglers who helped unseat Col Gaddafi  
League of its own
How Arab leaders embraced revolution
Culture clash
Lebanon's family violence bill meets resistance
Careful path
Why Turkey is treading cautiously in exerting pressure on Syria
Smart water
An Israeli start-up helps the UK save water
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Whipping up a storm
Discover the best locations to take in some of nature's most dramatic shows
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From Middle East in the last week
Iranians claim to down US drone
Saudi cleric in virginity warning
UK steps into unknown on Iran
Saudis accused of new repression
UK diplomats pulled out of Iran
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