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High heels are known for their negative effects on bones, so for the fashion-savvy that hanker for their heels this season, Ahram Online gets advice on how to balance style and health  
Regular visits to the dentist for tooth cleanings may provide more than just a brighter smile

Life is still life, even after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, says a modern day wonder woman and a doctor who lists MS treatment to Ahram Online

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Vitamins, supplements and a host of questions; should anyone be taking them, which ones are most risky, and if you do take them, how can you pick the safest ones?

With October named world breast cancer month, Ahram Online joins the voices over a disease that increasingly hits younger women, but is increasingly stopped in it's track due to early detection

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Women who spend a lot of time exercising or eat a heart-healthy diet appear to reach menopause earlier, a new Japanese study shows

To truly feel you are in a new and impressive ambiance and just to try something new, both recently opened restaurants will do the trick
Grass-roots European initiative takes aim at EU's Common Agricultural Policy, controversial blueprint for subsidising industrial agriculture

The life, love and style of Elizabeth Taylor, Hollywood's Cleopatra, as seen through a photo gallery of Christie's auction in New York - and bidders can see the exhibition or auction online!
Dolce & Gabbana start a revolutionary trend, injecting or 'contaminating' food into fashion, while women's winter fashion sees injections of sexy masculinity
Colombian design institute uses live plants - yes, live plants - in a competition-fashion show to stress the need to switch to sustainable materials, Ahram Online highlights innovators

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