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Source: Baghdad ISX
Fri / 02 December 2011
01/12/2011 16:40:00
Erbil (NINA) – American Vice President, Joe Biden, arrived in Erbil this afternoon on a visit to Kurdistan. Kurdistan President, Masoud Barzani, received Biden in Erbil airport, as well as Kurdistan Regional Government Premier, Braham Salih, and   ... more>>
01/12/2011 15:28:00
Baghdad (NINA) – Ministry of Justice announced carrying out execution sentences against 6 convicts of terror. The verdicts were approved by the Iraqi presidency. A source at the ministry said “the convicts were convicted under the Article 4 of ant   ... more>>
01/12/2011 14:31:00
Baghdad (NINA) - MP from the Iraqiya Slate, Haqi Al Firas, described questioning Baghdad Mayor, Sabir Al Esawi, as "not professional and did not unveil clear financial and administrative corruption." He said, in a statement to NINA "the interrogat   ... more>>
Iraq Stocks Exchange
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Baghdad Soft Drinks1.751.88-7.43
Household Furniture Industry1.41.49-6.43
Bank Of Baghdad3.653.8-4.11
Change %Prev.Current Top
Ready Made Clothes3.573.258.96
المصـرف الاهـلي العراقي خ10.955
Iraqi for Seed Production4.984.754.62
Photo Gallery
02/12/2011 15:51:00
Police: Arrest of 8 wanted, south of Mosul and found an unidentifide dead body.
02/12/2011 15:43:00
A policeman killed and 6 wounded, including two civilian in explosion south of Kirkuk.
02/12/2011 15:27:00
Breaking news . Five members of Sahwa forces killed a sixth one wounded in Salahuddin .
02/12/2011 14:07:00
Tahrir Square demonstrators demanding the protection of national industry and criticize measures of integrity.
02/12/2011 13:30:00
MP Hamid Zobaie: describes questioning of Baghdad Mayor as objective away from politicization.
02/12/2011 13:23:00
Abawi to British Embassy advisor : Iranian and Syrian affairs, sensitive issue for Iraq.
02/12/2011 13:15:00
Sheikh Abdullah al-Yawar criticizes Barzani's insistence on oil exploration in Nineveh.
02/12/2011 13:13:00
Kurdish MP :Security institution will be during the next three months at the stage of test after the U.S. forces withdrawal.
02/12/2011 10:49:00
Police arreste 14 wanted and suspects in Diyala.
02/12/2011 10:19:00
Breaking news. Commander of Taji area Sahwa forces killed with his mother and two policemen in explosion this morning .
01/12/2011 21:46:00
8 Wanted arrested in Mosul, body found in Rabee’a
01/12/2011 21:34:00
Gunmen assassinate tribal chief in western Anbar
01/12/2011 21:14:00
Abbawi meets with Russian, Greek ambassadors in Baghdad
01/12/2011 20:51:00
Mutlaq: Declaring Anbar a region is up to the province’s citizens
01/12/2011 18:19:00
Salahuddine Governor discuss with the Iraqi Red Cross Commission completion of water projects in the province
01/12/2011 18:19:00
Biden meets with Barazani in Erbil
01/12/2011 18:07:00
Talabani, Allawi discuss political status, political parties’ relations
01/12/2011 16:47:00
Weapons, ammo found northern Babel
01/12/2011 16:40:00
Biden arrives in Erbil
01/12/2011 16:32:00
Karbala witnesses rareness in power supply as the visitors’ number increases
01/12/2011 15:49:00
3 decomposing bodies found north and south of Hilla
01/12/2011 15:33:00
Shaways heads 3rd meeting of the Partnership with the International Community Committee
01/12/2011 15:29:00
Arresting two suspects of affiliating from Qaeda northern Babel
01/12/2011 15:28:00
Ministry of Justice: execution of 6 convicts of terror
01/12/2011 14:50:00
Arresting 6 people for suspicion of involvement in the murder of 6 family members in Baquba
01/12/2011 14:31:00
MP: questioning Esawi was not professional, sacking him would represent political position
01/12/2011 14:30:00
Iraqi navy takes over full responsibility for the Um Qasr naval base from the US forces
01/12/2011 13:34:00
Two children injured in a bomb explosion targeting a police patrol in Mosul
01/12/2011 13:20:00
Nujaifi holds the security forces in Diyala, responsibility of Khalis explosion.
01/12/2011 12:16:00
MP , We have information about bugging by foreign countries on Iraqi officials calls phone networks.
01/12/2011 12:06:00
Anbar police: General Manager of phosphate industry surrenders to security, after accusations of financial and administrative corruption.
01/12/2011 11:47:00
MP, expresses fear of a draft laws submitted to the parliament for chainging dministrative border of some provinces.
01/12/2011 11:24:00
MP ,warns of risks of non-readiness of security forces to maintain security and border protection.
01/12/2011 10:49:00
Five people wounded in a roadside bomb explosion northern Baghdad.
01/12/2011 10:40:00
Six people killed and /3/ others wounde of one family,in armed attack south of Baquba.
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