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12 December 2011 Last updated at 12:26 ET
Gene therapy hope for haemophilia
Gene therapy could reduce the need for medication in haemophilia B patients.
BBC Health: Haemophilia
Breast cancer women 'stop drugs'
About a third of breast cancer patients stop taking medication because side-effects are more severe than they expect, researchers suggest.
Health boss 'took $11m in a week'
A senior Australian health official is arrested after allegedly embezzling $11m in just one week, prompting the government to abolish his department.
Mental risk 'same' after abortion
A major review for the UK's medical colleges has concluded that abortion does not raise the risk of a woman suffering mental health problems.
Nano-carving offers medical leaps
A new method to "carve" complex shapes out of nano-particles may create new medical tests and drugs delivery systems.
Rare gene links vitamin D and MS
Bowel screening 'does cut deaths'
Lifestyle 'behind 40% of cancers'
Drug 'aids hip replacement life'
Athletes 'risk damage to heart'
Vaccine developed against Ebola
Caesium found in Japan baby milk
Also in the News
Resistant bed-bugs 'from tropics'
Cabbie training 'changes brains'
Our Expert
Fergus Walsh
Medical correspondent
More from Fergus
NHS-life sciences partnership
10:31 UK time, Monday, 5 December 2011
PM David Cameron has detailed his plans on accelerating drug development for NHS patients. But much of this work is already underway.
Read full article
Scrubbing Up: Provocative thoughts on health
Anything can be addictive
Behaviours as diverse as gambling, exercise and even work can all become addictive.
From BBC Health
Controlling your anger
The good, the bad and the ugly 
The life-saving first aid quiz
Test your crisis skills now
Useful health links
BBC Health: A to Z of medical conditions
BBC Headroom: On mental health
Syrian medical staff 'targeted'
Baby milk recalled in Japan
What it is like to live with HIV
Features & Analysis
Faecal transplants
The most disgusting procedure in medicine?
Blast injuries
Studying the impact of improvised explosives on British soldiers
Flu jab side effect
Search for possible link between swine flu vaccine and sleeping disorders
The 'patent cliff'
How India's generic drug makers stand to gain from expiring patents
Donor 2.0
Social media help organise swab parties to boost donor registry
Skin deep
A new challenge for man once branded ‘the world's fattest’
No more children
Peruvians continue fight for justice for forced sterilisation
Elsewhere on the BBC
Big business
Whether it is for a quick stopover or a full-blown trip - you can bank on Frankfurt
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From Health in the last week
Lifestyle 'behind 40% of cancers'
Liking a lie-in 'in your genes'
Liking a lie-in 'in your genes'
WHO issues Europe measles warning
WHO issues Europe measles warning
The Health Show
How a Bollywood-style soap opera carries important health messages to millions of viewers in India
Witness: The Pill
"You could enjoy sex," marking 50 years since the pill was made available on the NHS
Exchanges At The Frontier
AC Grayling and a public audience test the world's leading scientists over the meaning of their work
Health Check
Do face masks protect the lungs against smog?
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