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12 December 2011 Last updated at 12:26 ET
Excitement over Higgs 'evidence'
Scientists are expected to present evidence on Tuesday that the sought-after Higgs boson particle has finally been glimpsed.
Have we found the Higgs or not?
Q&A: The Higgs boson
Climate talks end with late deal
UN climate talks end with an agreement to work towards a legally enforceable deal, covering all countries, to take effect by 2020.
Analysis: Winners and losers
Reaction to deal
Big birds' 'bloodless erections'
Emus and ostriches have bloodless erections, according to researchers, solving a centuries old mystery. BBC NATURE
Skywatchers enjoy lunar eclipse
Skywatchers enjoy the last total lunar eclipse before 2014, with Australia, Asia and North America enjoying the best views.
BBC denies misleading Planet fans
The BBC denies misleading viewers with Frozen Planet footage of newborn polar bear cubs filmed in an animal park, rather than in the wild.
Scientists make new Mekong finds
Japan keeps green car tax breaks
Explorer's daughter returns home
Nano-carving offers medical leaps
Polar bear 'cannibalism' pictured
Mars water clue 'most clear yet'
New Mars rover to move 'unaided'
Also in the News
Are insecticides creating super bed-bugs?
Cabbie training 'changes brains'
Other Science Stories
UK to build atmospheric sentinel
Rare gene links vitamin D and MS
Oceans' deepest depth remeasured
Higgs boson 'to be found' at Cern
Astronomers confirm 'Earth twin'
Subsea mountains' 'march to ruin'
Rare monkeys to use touch screens
Other Environment Stories
How penguins 'time' a deep dive
French Alpine glaciers in retreat
Brazil eases Amazon forest rules
Tsunami fund 'used for whaling'
UN climate talks 'ambition' call
Urban ecology 'needs to change'
Our Experts
Jonathan Amos
Science correspondent
More from Jonathan
Nasa's evergreen Mars rover Opportunity keeps on rolling
15:40 UK time, Thursday, 8 December 2011
Creaking and arthritic it may be, but Nasa's Mars rover Opportunity continues to deliver remarkable science.
Listen to Jonathan's report
Richard Black
Environment correspondent
More from Richard
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Durban: Winners and losers
13:32 UK time, Sunday, 11 December 2011
Who came out as the winners and the losers at the UN climate talks in Durban, South Africa, and where does that leave climate change?
Read full article
Special Reports
From BBC Science: 23 Degrees
Filming the weather of Earth for a full orbit
Nature news
Butterfly numbers still falling
Almost three quarters of UK butterfly species have declined over the past decade, according to a new report.
Rare strangler fungi in UK garden
Threatened species need farmland
From BBC Science & Environment
Wild turkey
Why is this flamboyant male known as a gobbler?
Volcanoes on Io
Brian Cox explains the incredible volcanism on Jupiter's moon Io
Useful Science & Environment Links
Research Councils UK
European Space Agency (Esa)
Environment Agency
Royal Society
The Royal Institution
UK Space Agency
EC - Research
National Science Foundation
Panda on parade at Edinburgh zoo
What should green cars sound like?
Chile glacier record retreat footage
Features & Analysis
Science awaits
Higgs boson discovery would be breakthrough of the century
Climate deal
The winners and the losers at the UN talks in Durban
Diary from the deep
Part four of an expedition to the unexplored depths of the sea BBC NATURE
Renewable future
Why Pacific atolls to use 100%-renewable energy
All alone?
Scientists discuss whether Earth is the only host to life
Hen party
The charity giving battery hens a chance at a new life
Elsewhere on the BBC
Big business
Whether it is for a quick stopover or a full-blown trip - you can bank on Frankfurt
Most Popular
From Science and Environment in the last week
Oceans' deepest depth re-measured
Astronomers confirm 'Earth twin'
Astronomers confirm 'Earth twin'
Protests at climate change summit
Super squid surfaces in Antarctic
The astronaut who spent 18 months travelling 70 million miles on a simulated mission to Mars
Witness: The Pill
"You could enjoy sex," marking 50 years since the pill was made available on the NHS
Exchanges At The Frontier
AC Grayling and a public audience test the world's leading scientists over the meaning of their work
The Forum
Bridget Kendall presents a discussion show where prominent international thinkers debate ideas
Science In Action
As the climate warms, greenhouse gases could be released from thawing permafrost
One Planet
Why isn't Africa benefiting from the Clean Development Mechanism?
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