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12 December 2011 Last updated at 11:07 ET
Uprising overshadows Syria polls
Syria holds local elections despite an opposition boycott and fresh reports of fighting between troops and opposition forces in several regions.
Homs: 'Capital of revolution'
Syria's al-Assad 'feels no guilt'
Inching towards civil war
Guide: Syria's diverse minorities
Israel probes protester's death
The Israeli army says it is investigating the death of a Palestinian activist who died after being hit in the face by a tear-gas canister at a weekend protest.
Israel closes Jerusalem walkway
Israel closes a wooden walkway to Jerusalem's holiest site for safety reasons, sparking Palestinian anger.
'Al-Qaeda jail break' in Yemen
Iraq PM in US as withdrawal looms
Arabs denounce Gingrich remarks
Job loss 'is fastest-rising fear'
PM urges king to reform Bahrain
Gunfight erupts in Libyan capital
Lebanon blast injures UN troops
Bahrain police break up protest
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Arab uprising
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From BBC Arabic
سورية: انتخابات محلية وتقارير عن استمرار أعمال العنف
اليمن: فرار 14 سجينا بينهم عناصر من القاعدة في عدن
الناتو يعلن سحب قوة مهمات التدريب من العراق نهاية العام
ملك البحرين يعد بمشاركة المعارضة في مراقبة الإصلاحات
الجامعة العربية تنتقد بحدة تصريحات غينغريتش حول الفلسطينيين
كاميرون يدافع عن موقفه الرافض لتعديل المعاهدة الأوروبية
From BBC Persian
'قلهک با برنامه‌ریزی تسخیر شد'
پادشاه بحرین:به حمایت بریتانیا برای اصلاحات نیازمندیم
موضع گیری رهبر ایران و مصطفی تاج زاده در مورد انتخابات
ارتش اسرائیل در مورد مرگ فلسطینی معترض تحقیق می کند
معترض چینی در بازداشتگاه مرد
ابراز امیدواری دیپلمات آمریکایی به بازگشت اعتماد میان آمریکا و پاکستان
Country profiles
Iraqis look ahead to US withdrawal
Syrian medical staff 'targeted'
Free-running thrills in Gaza
Features & Analysis
Brutal truth
'Cleansed' Libyan town spills its terrible secrets
Conservative surge
Salafists emerge as powerful force after Egypt election
Moment of truth
What future for Iraq as the Americans leave?
CIA shaken
Drone captured by Iran contains precious US technology
Syria's diverse minorities
How religious and ethnic identities play into the Syrian unrest
Weighing the options
Unrest in Syria forces Hamas to reconsider its Damascus HQ
Searching for change?
King launches committee aimed at implementing reform
Into the future
What next for Yemen after President Saleh steps down?
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From Middle East in the last week
No guilt over crackdown - Assad
Hezbollah head in rare appearance
Iranians claim to down US drone
Iranians claim to down US drone
Saudi cleric in virginity warning
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