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22 Apr 1999 - 20 Jul 2021
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Physical health
Emotional health
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Kevin Fong examines research suggesting drugs capable of curing all viral infections from the common cold to HIV may be with us in a few years time. If the claims are true they could revolutionise medicine, dealing a blow to viruses in much the same way as antibiotics did to bacterial infections over the last century.
Radio 4: Frontiers
All in the Mind
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Claudia Hammond reports on new research which followed over 6,000 young children through school and found that if they experienced long term or severe bullying by their peers, their risk of developing serious mental health problems such as borderline personality disorder was increased by as much as seven times.
Radio 4: All in the Mind
BBC Health: Bullying
Children and Exercise
We look at how to motivate kids and young people to get fit and enjoy exercise.
BBC Health: Children and Exercise
BBC News: Call for PE tests in UK schools
BMI Calculator
Children's Weight
Living with a Long Term Condition
At any one time in the UK, as many as 17.5 million adults may be living with a chronic disease.
We look at the issues you may face if you're diagnosed with long term condition.
BBC Health: Living with a Long Term Condition
All in the Mind
Kids and Exercise
Long Term Conditions
Plans for elderly care scrutiny
Gene therapy hope for haemophilia
Breast cancer women 'stop drugs'
Fears over high-risk surgery care
Mental risk 'same' after abortion
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