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13 Oct 1999 - 28 Jul 2021
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Antiques Roadshow
Sunday, 7.30pm, BBC One
Fiona Bruce opens a seasonal selection box from the Roadshow team as the most talked-about finds of the year are updated. Stories include the remarkable discovery by a viewer of a lost brooch by Victorian designer William Burges after she saw an appeal on the show.
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An overview of Victorian Britain
Victorian Technology
Antiques Roadshow
Sunday, 8pm, BBC One
Fiona Bruce and the team visit Castle Coole near Enniskillen. Amongst the objects catching the experts' eyes are a pair of intriguing tea caddies and a valuable carriage clock with royal associations.
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Kings and Queens Timeline
British History Timeline
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1901: Gugliemo Marconi sends the first transatlantic wireless signals from Poldhu, Cornwall to Newfoundland.
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